Sunday, July 29, 2007


Ok then, this is me with my first foray into the world of blogs. Obviously, I am SERIOULY behind the times on all this cuz wow, i've been reading other blogs for awhile (and reading archives to catch up with those that hooked me), but it never occurred to me that I should try it for myself until right this minute.

I don't reallyl even know what kind of blog this will be. I am not really a mommy blogger -- my kids are way past the baby, preschool and even elementary school stage. But yet my children shape my everyday life. So I guess we start at the beginning.

I am still a newlywed (4 lovely years!) to the Wonderhubby. I have four children (sons 26, 23 and 17, and daughter 13) and he has one (daughter, 17). Three of them still live at home, and my youngest son is about to go to college in the fall.

I work full time and then some as a graphic designer for a newspaper. I have worked for newspapers since I was fresh out of college, and the idea that the industry is dying (because of internet has long surpassed it as a means of communicating news) saddens me no end. We are trying to adjust, but you know ... technology is swallowing us up faster than we can change with the times.

I sing. I belong to an a capella women's chorus and have sung in women's and mixed quartets. The music has saved my life on more than one occasion (definitely a story for another time).

That's enough for now. This is so new, so experimental for me.... I hope it will be therapeutic as well. And maybe I can even join the crowd at BlogHer someday.


ChrisB said...

Just came over to read how you started out.

dawn224 said...

woo woo!

Here I am beginning my blog the recession support... um... on the last day of the month :)

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