Thursday, August 30, 2007

In a state of ... oh I don't know

Here I am in faraway collegeland.

It was a long day of flying and landing and flying and landing. (Gotta love indirect flights.)

And who knew that renting a car (one that had been reserved in advance, just for the record) could take an HOUR OF STANDING IN LINE. Argh. But it has been a lovely day with my man-child. He has become quite a remarkable person.

Tomorrow I help him move into his dorm. And then he doesn't need me there anymore.

That baby-bird-flying-from-the-nest thing sure hurts bad when you're the one left in the nest.


JaniceNW said...

I'm recommeding your blog for blog day 2007, tomorrow. You should be getting extra traffic. :)

Simple Chic said...

Oh hun, I can't say I know how you feel, but I can offer you encouragement like you offered me. At the very least you know you have prepared him for the world and that he can confidently walk into college-land with all the lessons and tools you've given him. My mother said when we kids left: "It's heart breaking to see them all leave, but when they come back you keep wondering 'Are you going now?'" My mom was a Hang in there!

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