Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Nothing ventured ... nothing said

Well, well, well. So I started a blog and then promptly avoided posting like the plague.

Hmmmm... Writer's block? Time issues? Feelings of creative inadequacy? (See, um, like, yeah, I read all the biggies from BlogHer -- I'd list them, but I am too new at this to do linky love.) All of the above?

Maybe just "sophomore slump."

My freshman offering was soooo exciting that I, er, couldn't figure out how to follow it. (Sure.)

Maybe I just have NOTHING TO SAY!

Don't know why that would be. Gawd knows my life is a busy nightmare these days.

Exhibit A: Double workload at the job. (And NOT double pay. In fact, I just got a raise ... 90 cents an hour. 90 cents! Couldn't it have been a nice rounded-up buck? Guess not.)

Exhibit B: Bat mitzvah. Yes, my youngest child comes of age on Saturday. Religious services Friday night and Saturday morning. And then Sunday -- PARTEEEEE. Leaves me a few things to deal with, ya know? Like book a caterer and dj, out-of-town guests, kids who don't RSVP, the usual.

Exhibit C: Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, the young lady of exhibit B ripped her arm open on a countertop and needed seven stitches in her arm! Very attractive blue stitches do NOT match her dress.

Exhibit D: Son going to college ... 1,000 miles away. The kid who never went to sleepaway camp, who never really spent any time away from home, who didn't spend every other weekend with his father until he was 8 (and we separated when he was 6 months old!). My baby boy. Leaving. Aug. 30. See ya. Noooooooooooooooooo.

Exhibit E: Sheesh, people! Isn't this enough for one person to bear? Do i NEED an exhibit E?

What I NEED is a stiff drink. Maybe two.


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