Monday, August 20, 2007

OK, no lows

There is finally joy in Mudville.

Not only was she stellar as she entered Jewish "adulthood," but she rocked the house at her party. She was gracious, she was gorgeous (can I say that about my baby?), she showed off her cheer/tumbling skills, she danced, she did it all.

All signs of the trauma of the afternoon before were gone gone gone.

All that was left was this:


(Yeah, ok, I'm very lame. I'll be damned if I can figure out how to flip this stupid picture right side up. Kinda blows all the dramatic tension, huh? Sigh.)


melodyann said...

Don't know a thing about the "mitzvah's", but I DO know middle school aged kids. It only gets worse from here, my friend. Highs and lows come and go, sometimes in the same HOUR. Just hang in there... It gets better after they turn 18. Ha!

melodyann said...

Hey Janet? the only way you're going to get to that fifth blog post is if you write something else, dude.

Just a friendly reminder, because I am all about friendliness.

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