Sunday, August 26, 2007

The shopping gene

I dont have it. Pure and simple.

But the Roo-girl? Has her own AND the one I didn't get.

This child can shop from early morning till late at night and never miss a beat. If I hadn't been there when she was born, I SWEAR I wouldn't believe she was mine.

So today, I am a waste of a human being. Kohl's and DSW, and THEN the mall: Two trips into Abercrombie (three if you count Abercrombie kids, too). Victoria's Secret (Vicki's, as I like to call her. We're becoming best buds. See here for an explanation of things that come from Vicki's). Target (yes, she will agree to Target but not for anything "stylish" like clothes). Aeropostale (omg). Forever 21. There was more, but my poor, sad brain is too mushed to remember.

To be fair, she was, for the most part, spending her own money. The loot from a very successful bat mitzvah (successful both in her accomplishments AND her gift haul). And it always cracks me up to watch her bargain-shop when she knows it comes out of her own pocket. All of a sudden, the clearance tables look reeeeeeeeeal good.

She shopped so hard that even SHE was tired of it and ready to go home.

My feet hurt.

And maybe my head too.

Shopping. ugh.


melodyann said...

I have one of those kinds of kids too. I ask her all the time, "What the hell is wrong with the clearance racks?" Up until last weekend, I never got an answer. Now I know what the deal is about clearance racks:

They don't want to be caught dead in last year's/season's/month's/week's styles.

The little shits...

Simple Chic said...

Oh I never have been one for shopping. I despise anything that remotely resembles going out to spend money. Hubby threatens to drag me kicking and screaming to go buy myself new clothes. I would much rather put it away into savings or use it for Christmas or something.

Yeah, don't like the shopping thing.

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