Friday, August 31, 2007

The view from here

Of course here is not really HERE. I mean, like here is not home. Here is still faraway collegeland where I am learning to let go and the Z-man is learning to fly.
Last night he and I had an evening of parallel play as we snoided the free wifi together in the hotel lobby. It was such a bonding experience.

We moved him into his dorm today, which was fun if you like traipsing up to the fifth floor (ok, yeah, they had an elevator ... but only ONE and it was slow and scary).

There is more of course. The sights, sounds and smells of a new place are overwhelming. And there are so many stories crowding my brain. For example:

* Electrical storms are cool -- unless you're caught outside in one. At home, lightning looks like flashes of light in the sky. In faraway collegeland, there are ACTUAL BOLTS that you can see touch down. (Yeah, I know ... I'm a dork and very very sheltered.)

* We got off the plane and had to take this cool train thingy to baggage claim. It was pretty crowded and everyone was standing. The guy in front of us was in a suit and chatting away on a cell phone. The picture of sophistication... until he farted. The elderly lady to our left snapped to attention, looked at us, shook her head and grimaced. The train car was ... shall we say ... toxic.

* Super Targets have EVERYTHING. Unless you are looking for a fan. Then they don't.

* We had our first experience at a Sonic. Mmmmmm... cherry limeade. Why didn't someone stop me before my first hit? Now I have to go home and leave that yumminess behind.

* When I went to college (back when dinosaurs roamed the earth), dorm food SUCKED. I seriously have memories of creamed chip beef on toast, and then there was mystery meat. But you ain't seen nothin' till you've seen dorm food at a culinary school. There was REAL meat. Eggs. Vegetable fritatta (seriously). Sandwiches you could grill like a panini. Salad bar. Fresh fruit.

* The killer was when we were bussing our lunch trays and walked by the condiment rack. Dudes. They have A-1 sauce in there. Seriously.

* My kid is probably the only college student ever who NEEDS to gain the freshman 15.

* Tonight, he is sleeping in the dorm (where there is NO air conditioning) and I am sleeping in a hotel (where there IS). It feels so empty in my room.

I have one more day here. I didn't really need to. But I did.


melodyann said...

We gotta get you a template. Cause beauty is what you need here. You already have great writing.

Cheri said... that I've found your blog, I had to read it. hard to see them fly, and fly well! Please, let your blog friends know when he is a working chef!!! I'm so not a cook...nor a shopper. My nine year-old daughter and Roo would get along well. MoMo (my daughter) loves, loves, loves to shop. And yes, she is way more frugal with her own money.



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