Monday, August 27, 2007

Water, water everywhere...

Except at our house.

There's nothing like the feeling of NO WATER. Ugh. Seriously.

One of our neighbors, in the process of moving out at 1 a.m. (oh please don't ask), knocked into the main water pipe thingy into our other neighbor's house and caused a gusher. The only way to fix something like that ... is ... to call the fire department and have them TURN OFF THE WATER MAIN AT THE STREET.

Oh, sorry. Was I shouting?

Yeah, well, we didn't have water until 4 p.m. today. I went to work armed (heh) with extra deodorant. I was thisclose to having to go to the gas station to pee and taking the kids with me to the gym to get a shower.

But now, we are once again flush.

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Simple Chic said...

Oh no! I so feel for you! You're lucky it was only for a day. Where we live the entire park is fed water from a single pump house. We've had that thing blow a gasket so many times and leave us with no water for days! I've never taken showers for granted since.

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