Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Humble pie (not)

IM conversation between me and best buddy ever about the audition from last week that landed me the understudy to the perky, younger, adorable, blond soloist. Warning: absolutely NO attempt at being humble or modest follows, although names were changed to protect the guilty (I'm almost too embarrassed to post this, but obviously not embarrassed enough):

shesings (01:01:41 pm): have goss for you
JSongBird4 (01:02:30 pm): talk!
shesings (01:02:40 pm): so.......
shesings (01:02:52 pm): i was talking to (chorus bigwig)
shesings (01:03:15 pm): and she said that (chorus director) had asked small music council their opinion about the soloists
shesings (01:03:27 pm): and....
shesings (01:03:37 pm): (chorus bigwig) recommended you to be first
JSongBird4 (01:03:50 pm): ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
shesings (01:03:55 pm): (chorus bigwig) also said that she was captivated by last weeks performance
shesings (01:04:04 pm): that you are really out there selling
shesings (01:04:18 pm): and...well you know what she thinks of your voice
shesings (01:04:36 pm): she made sure she told (chorus director) that you were by far the best
JSongBird4 (01:04:56 pm): :-)
shesings (01:05:11 pm): thought you would like to know
shesings (01:05:25 pm): oh...and that you distracted her from singing by your performance
JSongBird4 (01:05:41 pm): wow. seriously?
JSongBird4 (01:05:44 pm): coooooooooooooooool
shesings (01:05:59 pm): so...are you sitting there with a stupid smile yet?
JSongBird4 (01:06:30 pm): totally
JSongBird4 (01:06:36 pm): :-D
shesings (01:06:39 pm): thot so
shesings (01:06:43 pm): have a good tuesday

Yeah, I'm a dork. It made me feel good, though.

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CableGirl said...

Hey, congrats! It's always nice to hear good things about yourself. :) I think you're entitled to hang up your humility for awhile. :)

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