Saturday, September 29, 2007

Primp my ride

My husband is an amazing guy.

He can fix anything, from elevators to cars to toilets to air conditioning to dryers.

He can also build anything. Bookshelves, desks, dog gates, chain-link fences, vegetable gardens, entire houses.

He's 6 feet tall and has rough, workman's hands that can install a home elevator or drive me wild. Muscular arms that make me swoon. A beard that has a life of its own.

He also has nail polish on his toes.

The other day, he got home from work way earlier than I did (not an unusual situation). "What have you done this afternoon?" I asked him.

"Oh... stuff," he answered.

"Yeah? Like what?" (He is never that retiscent to blabber about everything he has done on any given day, and this seemed a little peculiar.)

"Oh, well, I took the dogs for their rabies shots, I returned the movies to Blockbuster ... and ... I ... uh ... got a pedicure."

I burst out laughing. I had introduced him to pedicures some months ago just for kicks. We had parallel pedis that day, and he didn't seem all that thrilled about it. (Me? I'd give up my first-born to have someone rub my feet like that. Uh, just kidding. Sorta.)

Anyway ... I laughed. He laughed too, especially when he said, "Yeah, I was just too lazy to clip my own toenails."

Turns out he was right there anyway. The nail place is right next door to the vet's, so while our pups were getting updated on their vaccinations, the wonderhubby was getting his feet pampered.

It wasn't until later that he admitted the second part: He also had a manicure (no polish, thank you). I nearly peed my pants. Truly.

He just looked at me and grinned.

"Yes ... I've been primped," he smirked.

Yes, he had. What a guy!


Karly said...

Hahahaha...Its funny to think of a manly man sitting there getting his feet pampered! ;)

Robin said...

Oh, my, Janet...I was getting hot and bothered reading all your "commentary" about him...

Wahhooo! I bet he's comfortable wearing pink, too!

Sounds like a keeper to me :).

Blue Momma said...

Sounds like you have one great hubby.

I wish mine would get a pedicure. I may show him you post. I told him even manly men could have nice feet, but he just wouldn't believe me!

Beckie said...

This is a funny post! I wish my hubby would go for a pedi.

CableGirl said...

Oooh.. I introduced my hubby to pedicures back when I was pregnant. I was with you on the wanting someone to rub my feet thing. Yeah, she wasn't born yet and I was offering her up already. Anyway, he said he'd get one with me just, you know, for solidarity's sake. That and I was sick of his feet feeling all scaly (Yeah I was having a hormonal PG day). Turns out he loved it. Now he asks me if *I* want a pedi.. you know, just so he can go along and keep me company, not because he wants one. lol

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