Monday, October 1, 2007

Animal house

Our humble abode holds more pets than people -- if you consider fish to be "pets." I am iffy on this.

Personally, fish make me gag. I always dreaded the annual carnival when the kids would without fail bring home a goldfish. They would live ... oh, I don't know ... 24 hours. Then somehow, they would DIE. How that always happened, I'll never know (and will never tell).

Well, when the Wonder-hubby and J-bear moved in with us, her red-eared sliders came with. In a big-ass tank. Two of 'em. I don't like them any more than I like fish. I think I just have a problem with things that live in their own toilets.

Two red-eared sliders became three because, of course, the Roo-girl had to have one to join the turtle family. (Yes, I am going somewhere with this story.)

Carnival goldfish became sustenance for the turtles. Aha! At last, a place for fishies -- in the food chain!

Then, when she turned 16, J-bear got a job -- at a pet store -- and found herself in "fish and small animal care." Fish? Did someone say fish?

So first, it was just feeder fish for the turtles.

Then it was another BIG-ASS tank, with an oscar in it. The oscar needed friends, of course, so now there were some orange-y blood parrot fish things that come in pairs. And some other fish.

Let us not forget the turtles (although we did lose one of the originals, leaving only two now).

And of course, not to be outdone, the Roo-girl has her own tank of itty-bitty cutie fishies:

So life goes on with a bunch o' tanks. But before you know it, there are EVEN MORE tanks. J-bear's room is literally lined with tanks. The humidity in there is incredible. How did this happen? And have I mentioned that I hate fish?

Meet the occupant of tank no. 2:

And tank no. 3:

Now meeet Jack:

Due to my fantastic photography skills, you can't really tell that Jack is the biggest, baddest of them all. Jack is also the nastiest fish on the planet. Vicious. With fish teeth! that bite! It takes two to clean his tank: one to actually scrub it and the other to distract Jack so he doesn't bite your finger or GNAW ON THE AQUARIUM BRUSH!!!!! Ech.

I'm not done, either. In addition to the water creatures, there is a dry-land thing in that room too. This is Moe, the bearded dragon:

And don't forget the wonder-pups. And yes, it's OCD dog who is running away from the camera, and the normal one who just watches and shakes her head. Nut job.

And pay no attention to the Minnie Mouse sheets on the 13-year-old's bed. I don't know what came over me this week.


Tink said...

I think you are the only person I've ever met that hates fish! I had a goldfish for seven years before I mistakenly gave it a fighting fish as a friend. My goldfish was dead the next day. Then I had two painter turtles and a three-legged snapping turtle. Then I had two mice that quickly multiplied into 100. My Mom let them all go in the woods behind our house. Now I have two dogs and I'm dying to add a fish or frog tank into our office. :)

Carolie said...

Thank you for visiting, and for the comment and kind words, Janet! I didn't even realize Liz actually did the silly meme!

You do have a zoo! I worked for a pet store as a teenager, and assumed that when I went off to college, Mom would take care of the menagerie for me. Ummm...not so much. Hee hee!

I'll be back...thanks again!

Simply Jenn said...

Okay, well I HATE, HATE, HATE fish. Kelsie got a beta for one of her birthdays and it jumped out of it's bowl. I had to pick it up with a book because there was absolutely NO WAY I was touching fish with any part of my body. EWWW! Sorry you're invaded with animals in need of toilet flushing.

TheGoldfishGuy said...

I can't beleive you hate fish. I find they're so relaxing and cool to watch. I can sit there for hours watching my goldfish and koi that I have. I know I grew up with fish my whole life so I guess it grew on me. Grew on me to the point where I started my own business selling goldfish, koi and water plants. I love it myself.

Yeah I see Jack there, my brother had one like that. Yes they are pretty mean when they want to be. Definitely need to watch out when cleaning your tank.

Well sad to hear you hate fish but people will either love them or hate them. Great blog by the way and excellent pictures.


Jamie Boyle
The Goldfish Guy

etspunkfsas said...

the oscars are awesome. I have 2 myself. They're awesome fish.

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