Friday, October 19, 2007


Let me set the scene for you.

The place: my car

The participants: The Roo-Girl, Carpool Girl and a large teal leopard print tote bag.

(And puh-leeeeeze tell me what is up with girls carrying totes instead of backpacks at this school? As if backpacks didn't interfere enough with posture... now we are all about leaning to one side!)

OK, I digress. Back to the drama at hand:

The Roo-girl: Oooh, cute bag! Is it Betsey Johnson?

Carpool girl: Thanks! Yes, it is. And if I get anything on it, my mom will kill me.

TRG: *nods knowingly*

CPG: I begged my mom to let me bring it. I promised I would do anything.

TRG: Wow.

CPG: Yeah, so I have had to bring her bowls of Trix and little stuff all morning. It was sooo annoying.

TRG: *sighing* The price of fashion ...


cate said...

that's too funny! i guess i can bypass all the fashionista years with my least i hope i can! ;-)

Robinella said...

OMG that was hilarious. Who is this Betsey Johnson anyway.

VDog said...

Seriously, the mom eats Trix???

Pamela said...

trix? How did you keep your mouth from quivering after that exchange?

Karly said...

And I would have had her scrubbing toilets. ;)

Mango Marie said...


Oh, and by the way, you've been tagged over at my blog! Please don't hate me!

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