Saturday, October 13, 2007

It's a sickness (times two)

Hi, I'm Janet, and I'm a pedi-aholic.

There, I've said it out loud. Given a chance to do nothing or something, I pick pedicures. There is nothing on this planet like having your feet rubbed and then having your toes painted pretty colors. And today was no different. Plus I deserved it. (And no, I'm not being petulant because the Wonderhubby is STILL IN FREAKIN' IRELAND and I'm not! Oh, well, maybe a little.)

My toes are beeeyoooteeeful! The Roo-girl picked out an unusual color (light purple) and said I should do this. I know she was just yanking my chain, so she nearly choked on her gum when I said "OK, cool."

So here are my toes. Complete with flowers and sparkles. Ohhh, I'm in heaven. Just look:

The other sickness is just my warped sense of humor. The Roo and I were out (before the toe expedition) and wandered into a pet store. There on the racks of doggie toys was something that made me fall over in hysterics.

A little background: The two sister doggies are really getting on my nerves this weekend. For some reason, one or both of them have decided that the proper place to do their "business" is right outside my bedroom door. Or in the kids' hallway. Or on the couch. You getting the picture here? I'm living in Poo-ville and I'm definitely the Grinch about it. In fact this morning, I stumbled into the dark hallway in my favorite boots (fake Uggs) and stepped on what felt like a rock.

It wasn't. Lucky for you I couldn't bring myself to preserve the moment with photographic evidence. It was bad enough to have to clean it up. I really didn't want to remember it. My boots are ... oh ew.

So back to my story. Roo and I are in this pet store, and this is what we found in the dog toy department:

Omigod, it's a PLASTIC POO CHEW TOY. And you just GOTTA love the packaging. Please examine it closely, and you will see the joke.

And yes, we bought two. After all, we didn't want the pups trying to beat the crap out of each other.


Robin said...

FABULOUS pedi! They ARE a wonderful indulgence.

It's kind of embarrassing how many times I've posted pictures of my feet (I don't even like them that much). I've noticed my kids take pics of feet, too...guess that's my gene at work ;).

Willowtree said...

I think you made a typo in your last sentence, shouldn't that have read "I don't want them to eat the crap out of each other."

cate said...

oh, there's nothing quite like a good pedi!

as for the dog toy...who thought a good shape for a doggy chew toy would be poop....seriously?

Kimberly said...

Love the pedi!

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