Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Kibble and bit

A woman in line describing to her friend about her Halloween decorations: "Well, I have skeletons and webs and I have Einstein's Monster ... you know, the one with the flat head."

Hmmmm... separated at birth? (Yeah, a little Photoshop knowledge can be dangerous!)

JSongBird4 (03:59:19 pm): how's you?
Z-man (03:59:24 pm): good
Z-man (03:59:26 pm): today was beer day
JSongBird4 (03:59:44 pm): do you learn how to pour it or drink it? lol
Z-man (03:59:51 pm): we tasted
JSongBird4 (03:59:57 pm): really?
JSongBird4 (04:00:00 pm): they let you do that?
Z-man (04:00:04 pm): sip and spit
JSongBird4 (04:01:11 pm): oh

Z-man (04:03:01 pm): and today we uncorked wine bottles
Z-man (04:03:13 pm): so tomorrow is wine tasting
JSongBird4 (04:03:15 pm): hell of a life
Z-man (04:03:20 pm): haha
Z-man (04:03:22 pm): indeed
Z-man (04:06:22 pm): but it's definitely a fun class
Z-man (04:06:41 pm): though I had hoped that a sophomore international cuisine class would be able to churn out good foood
JSongBird4 (04:07:01 pm): uh oh. not getting fed well?
Z-man (04:07:24 pm): some things are okay
Z-man (04:07:28 pm): others are not even edible

Editor's note: The poor dear was used to a previous international cuisine class serving up chateaubriand for lunch. Sad.


Pamela said...

I've never eaten chateaubriand

I have done the sip and spit part bit tho.

Einsteins flat headed monster. Geesh, was SHE flat headed, too?

Jenni said...

LOL! Poor guy! I've never had chateaubriand either. In fact, I'm going to have to look it up when I leave your blog. I only have a vague idea.

I bet culinary school would be fun. One of Josh's friends is interested in learning to cook too, so his mom and I are cooking up a little culinary school of our own. We're going to get them together at least twice a month for a cooking class. Of course, we'll be learning right along with them;o)

Tink said...

Einstein's Monster! *Snort* Wow. I feel like sitting that woman down with a huge stack of horror movies.

nikki said...

"Einstein's Monster?" I just snorted my Diet Coke. Man those carbonated bubbles hurt your nose!

Jenni said...

Okay, I've looked it up, and apparently I *have* had chateaubriand. Wikipedia says it's the same thing as filet mignon. Very tasty cut of meat.

Phoenix said...

Hard to feel bad for him, while he's wine tasting. :)

cate said...

Einstein's Monster? EINSTEIN'S Monster??? Are you serious? That is so funny!

Once my hubby was grocery shopping, and he overheard some woman ask where the Napoleon ice cream was. The staff member said "Uh...do you mean Neapolitan ice cream?"...yikes!

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