Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Potty talk

Let's start with this premise: After years of being outnumbered in the boys-to-girls department, I have finally reached the moment when the estrogen empire overwhelms the testosterone tribe in my own home.

My oldest two boys are long out of the house (as well they should be at ages 23 and 26!); my Z-man is currently edumacating himself in faraway collegeland.

That leaves J-bear, the Roo-girl, two girlie dogs and me. (All those fish and turtles don't count, so don't go there.)

And in the other corner: Wonderhubby.

Now, I must say, when it comes to putting the seat down, Wonderhubby must have been well-trained as a child. I never have to worry that I will FALL IN in the middle of the night. Plus, he has been gone all week, and the ambient estrogen level in our house is rising by the second.

So it was with the utmost confidence that I raced to the bathroom after I got home from work today. (Side note: What the hell? Why is it that I never go before I leave work so I am always running straight to the bathroom when I get in the door? Second side note: How come the Roo-girl DOES THE EXACT SAME THING when she gets home from school? Is this genetic or something??)

OK, I digress.

To bring us back to the issue, it was (again) with the utmost confidence that I raced to the bathroom after I got home from work today.

And promptly FELL IN.

Yes, the cleaning lady had been here today.

Betrayed by one of my own kind.


melodyann said...

My question is this: Even though it is, at most, an inch and a half, why is it that it feels like you fall 7 FEET?

melodyann said...

Oh, and by the way? CLEANING LADY?

You RICH bitch....

LIBSMOM said...

Sparkling clean toilet!! And I love your wall color and tile.
Sorry about your little accident but YES! to the cleaning lady. I gave myself the gift 3 years ago and I've never looked back. Thursday is my favorite day to come home to a CLEAN house. (I'd brave the upended toilet seat for that pleasure anyday but dude! tell her to put the damn thing down!)

Kaytabug said...

LOL "betrayed by one of my own kind" That is hilarious! Not that you fell in...that sucks!

Sandy said...

a cleaning lady? That would be SO nice. We (my sisters and I) got my mom a cleaning lady a few years back. Mom wore herself out cleaning so the cleaning lady wouldn't think she was dirty. Oh, well, it was a nice thought.

Simply Jenn said...

Hahahaha! I can't believe one of your own kind would do that. I don't think my sons pee, or else they don't lift the lid, or else I scared the crap out of them at some point because the lid is never, ever left up.

My cleaning lady (who comes biweekly) shuts my toilet!

I'm sure I've got karma going to kick my ass now.

dawn said...

That is so funny. Well, not your fate, but the story. I can relate to the arrival home and not going somewhere before. When we are a mile from home the calls for the Bathroom start, and sometimes there is an arguement "I have to go more", "I have had to go since we were at the restaurant", and so it goes.

Oh and I have never seen a toilet seat like that in someone's house. They are just not common here except in public washrooms.

janet said...

ok ok, you guys busted me. it was late, my husband has my camera IN IRELAND, my daughter's camera was too hard to access... and i pulled a photo from google images of a raised seat. sheesh.

VDog said...

BWAHAHAHAHA!!! Sorry for laughing at you. But LOL!

Thanks for stopping by today -- glad to find your blog -- digging it!

Pamela said...

at least you came up smelling roses!

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