Monday, October 15, 2007

Trauma drama




Seriously, now I remember why I had writer's block.

Because I REALLY REALLY didn't want to think about this story.

Over the weekend, the Roo-girl and I went with my friend J and her 12-year-old daughter A on a shopping trip. (No, really, I DON'T spend every weekend shopping with the Roo. It just feels that way.)

So A was going to a party, and the dress they had bought just wasn't quite right. It had been purchased at a children's (oh how Roo-girl and A would hate to hear me call it that!) boutique-y store, and J asked us to come along for the return trip.

Apparently the selection of this particular dress had been quite an event, and the store is small (and J and A frequent this place), and so the salesgirl who had helped them knew them by name.

And was oh-so distressed that A had decided the dress was a little too mature for her (yay A!).

So there I am, standing there at the counter with J, A and the Roo, minding my own damned business, listening to the conversation about why A had changed her mind.

And then it happened.

"So, is this 'grandma'?" the salesgirl chirped, looking pointedly in my direction.


OK, let's back up here.

First, I admittedly have older -- totally grown -- children, who could easily have made me a grandma a couple times over by now. And I do NOT NOT NOT have a complex about BEING a grandma. In fact, I would love grandchildren. I just don't happen to believe that any of my children are ready to be parents!

Second, I am standing there with my teen-aged daughter.

Third, my friend J is in her 40s and I do NOT NOT NOT look like I could be her mother.

In her defense (if that is possible), the (very very young) salesgirl was mortified, and I admittedly did not make it easy for her to climb out of the cavernous hole she had dug for herself.

And, in the interest of not offending any grandmas out there, let me say that "grandma" does not equal "old" or "old-looking" (my mom would skin me alive if I ever said she looked old!).

I really do believe age is just a number, and you're only as old as you feel, and I do know that I look (and definitely act) at least semi-youthful, all things being equal. (Except ... um ... can someone please explain that old-man grunty thing that happens when I bend over to pick something up off the floor?) And seriously, I can't wait till I can spoil a grandchild of my own one day.


Oh, the agony.

So, I'm posting this photo ... just to prove that the ol' gal still has some moves left in her.

Rock on, Granny Janny!


Jenni said...

LOL! No, you don't look like you could be the mother of a 40-year-old. The hula hoop picture doesn't prove a thing, though. I have *never* been able to do the hula hoop.

lisa's chaos said...

Very funny! After reading your kids ages I can see you could be a grandma - but definitely not mom to a 40 yr old - we have 6 kids, our oldest is 21 and we have a 8 month old grandson. :) I like being grandma.

Happy Working Mom said...

Oh my goodness!! I probably would have screamed if that happened to me!

The opposite actually always happened to hubby and me...we bought our first house when we were 21, and we did look like we were 15, but still. Anyway, every single time someone came to the door they asked us for our parents!!! And while that might be a compliment today, when you're young, you want people to think you're older.

Robinella said...

I love it! You definitely don't "look old enough to be a grandmother" and I love that move. You go girl!!

BS said...

I hear you loud and clear! I am a grandma because I had my sons young and they have children now BUT I also have a sister who is 1 year older than my son (almost to the day). She has children. When we are together (with the kids) people assume I am the grandma when in reality the little ones are my nephews. My sister and I just smile at each other and move on! Also, people sometimes assume that our Mother is my sister's grandmother. That's what happens when there are 20 years between the first and last child!! Thanks for hosting Fun Monday - it has been a blast reading all the stories (I wasn't able to participate this week but like to read them all just the same). Great Job.

Tink said...

Oh no she didn't!

Sayre said...

I'm an older mom and my husband is an even older dad. Our kid is 8 and there are days when we FEEL it. But we are extremely youthful old parents, so that's not really an issue unless you put us right next to parents of his schoolmates - who all look like children to me.

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