Sunday, November 11, 2007

The birthday aftermath

Ah, the love. The warmth. The caring.

The desire to KILL YOUR SIBLING.

Yes, that is my life. We had birthday dinner for the Drama King last night. It was everything I could have hoped for.

We had hugs. We had "crappy homemade cards" (compliments of the Roo-girl -- this is a longstanding specialty of hers). We had birthday songs. We had friendly banter. We had bad knock-knock jokes.

Knock knock.

Who's there?

Interrupting cow.



Followed by:

Knock knock.

Who's there?

Interrupting coefficient of friction.



Oh yeah, we're an esoteric bunch.

And we had poking. Oh, the poking.

It will never be possible for my children to sit in close quarters without someone putting his/her hands on someone else. And yes, two of the attending children are FULL-GROWN ADULTS, thankyouverymuch.

Please note the fear in her eyes here. She knows what is coming next.

The conversation ranged from deep to inane to "if I blog about this, someone would SURELY call Child Protective Services on me." Suffice it to say, the word "gerbil" came up. I could only shake my head in wonder and secretly kvell that my progeny are so comfortable around me that no topic is off-limits.

The only downside was that we were missing the Z-man, who comes home from faraway college land for a trimester break in a mere four days.

But otherwise, how can you resist a police lineup like this:


Serina Hope said...

Sounds like you have my kinda family. I hope that my kids always feel that open with me. They are great looking kids. and adults.

cate said...

wow...your family sounds so much like mine! my brother and i have poke and tickle fights to this day...we are 32 and 33 years old! we talk about anything and everything in front of my dad tries to pretend he never heard it, and my mom plays family is so open that hubby is now joining in in the fun (his family isn't quite as open and laid back as mine!)! i really hope that it will be like that with us and the boys when they are older!

i love the first looks like she's preparing herself! :)

~JJ! said...

YOU have a BEAUTIFUL family!!!

Happy Birthday!

Junebug said...

Pretty irrisistable!

Phoenix said...

They're cute for sure.

Janet, I'm 27 and my brother is 25 and I swear we turn 13 and 11 the second we're around each other.

Janet said...

No, NO, NO!!! They don't grow out of the poking? Say it isn't so! {sobbing into my mini-wheats}

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