Sunday, November 25, 2007

Brotherly (and sisterly) love

We delivered turkey dinners to the homebound on Thursday, and while I took a zillion pictures to document the event this year, the most memorable photos ended up being NOT of the good deed itself, but of three siblings. (And yes, I am unhappy with the Drummer for bailing on this year's delivery expedition.)

Believe it or not, they did NOT consult each other when they all ended up in olive-drab hoodies:

I thought it was even funnier from the back:

You could just feel the love ...

... a moment that was followed immediately by this:

Gotta love 'em. Yep. Just gotta.


Pamela said...

not an ounce of gobble on a one of them either

Jenni said...

Cute kids! Maybe you shouldn't tell the boys I said that though:o)

Canadian flake said...

awwwwww they are so entirely cute...loved the pics.

Cate said...

man, you've got a beautiful family...great pics! :)

cate -

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