Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Girl talk

The Roo-girl's friend A spent the night on Saturday, which meant (obviously) that her mother J and I must meet at Starbucks on Sunday to do the "child handoff."

So there we were: two grown women, a 13-year-old and a 12-year-old.

Her Roo'ness, though older, is shorter and less developed than A, which means that she gets A's very high-quality hand-me-downs and I get J's advice on raising daughters.

So, the topic was ... tampons vs. pads.

A has boobs and has had her period for at least a year. The Roo has only just begun to sprout and has not gotten her period yet. (And would she totally kill me if she knew I was discussing this with the internet??? If you need me, I'll be running for my life.)

And the question of whether girls in this advanced day and age should go straight to tampons when they start menstruating has always puzzled me.

Never one to shy away from a topic, I flat out asked.

J answered my questions. Roo and A rolled their eyes.

What do your friends do, I asked TRG.

"Oh, MOM, I don't even think my friends have gotten their periods yet," she groused.

I shook my head at her.

"No, Roo. All your friends have boobs ..."

The eyes went dark.

"Sore point," she growled.

"Oh, please, Roo, you have boobs," said J, quickly taking on her role as the other mother. "You wear a bra? That means you have boobs."

She stopped and winked at me.

"Besides, only the nipples matter anyway."

The Sunday morning crowd at Starbucks was treated to the return of my eggnog latte, as it spewed out of my nose.

The girls, however, were not amused.


nikki said...

That is the funniest thing I have learned in a long time!!!!

Canadian flake said...

omg toooooooo funny...and I can totally relate having a 15 yr old daughter...I remember having chats like this.

Phoenix said...

Too freaking funny.

But to answer your question, a lot of kids do start with tampons now. :)

Willowtree said...

Errr sorry, wrong blog...

Tink said...

OMG! That's brilliant.

Tink said...
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Cate said...

oh, that's too funny! i never get tired of TRG stories!

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