Wednesday, November 7, 2007

If the mama ain't happy...ain't NOBODY happy

Oh, this is soooo on point in my house.

It's not that I'm so volatile, really. It's just that I have a totally readable face that completely BROADCASTS my emotions. That makes me a terrible poker player.

For those of you on the edge of your seats as to how I handled part two of my catastrophic chorus experience, everything went fine. I fretted about going and putting myself into that soul-sucking vortex again, but my director actually apologized.

Well, that's not strictly accurate. The words "I'm sorry" or any other normal permutation of apology never actually passed through her lips. But she stopped me before I went to my spot on the risers to whisper encouraging words about many things. For her, that was huge. I take my solace where I can get it where she is concerned.

The Wonderhubby is tippy-toeing around me a bit, sending sweet nothings over AT&T's text-messaging system.

My BFF and I have moved on to other excitement: chorus and family gossip and other general friendish stuff.

But the very best ever part of the "aftermath" was what greeted me when I got home at 11:30 last night.

Lying on top of my laptop in my darkened bedroom was this special gift from the Roo-girl:

And once again, there is peace in my world.


~JJ! said...

Wow. That Roo-girl is something special...

Junebug said...

That brought tears to my eyes. How sweet.

Secret Agent Mama said...

How sweeeeeet!!!! She's a gem!!

Phoenix said...

That's one kick ass kid you've got there.

cate said...

oh, how amazingly sweet! you have an amazing girl should be proud! :)

and Toblerone.....mmmm...sooooo good!

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