Wednesday, November 28, 2007

NaBloPoMo: Day 28 ... only 2 to go

The finish line is in sight ... and I got nothing.

But this counts as a post, no? I am still writing something on my blog.

This isn't cheating.

No no no.

Also I can offer this gratuitous, interestingly lit photo of my precious child.

So that counts, right?

Plus, I wrote a guest post for Megan at Velveteen Mind as part of this:

But she has had so many amazing guest posters that my little effort hasn't appeared yet. Save me, Megan. Save me!

Truth be told, I'm just stalling here. I have a dentist appointment in an hour and I DON'T WANT TO GO.

I hate the dentist. I have since early childhood when I was routinely traumatized by one of the world's crappiest pediatric dentist. (I'm not alone, either. My BFF went to the same guy and has equal dental anxiety. Trust me, he sucked.)

To this day, I cannot STAND to be in the presence of clocks like this:

because there was one of these nasty things on the wall ... with its creepy eyes moving back and forth, taunting me, watching me. *shudder*

So I'm going ... but not happily. This is not just a cleaning, so the terror level is high. I will take my iPod and plug myself into some soothing music. I am wearing comfy clothes and won't put in my contact lenses. I will come home afterward and put myself to bed. I might even cry a little.

And then I will pull myself together and be a grownup again.

Huh. Guess I had something for today after all.


Tink said...

Your daughter is so cute!! I love the lighting in that shot, how it makes bars across her hair. :)

~JJ! said...

Gorgeous girl!

Thanks for're doing it, you're doing it!!! 2 more days???

Junebug said...

I was so afraid of going to the dentist that I put it off for about 15 years and how sorry I was! But I found a dentist who believes in a relaxed patient and I got medicated and gassed and everything for it. :D It was wonderful!

AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

The end is in sight! Yay for that.

I hope the dentist went okay!

Canadian flake said...

Awwwwwww the girl is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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