Thursday, November 29, 2007


The dental work went fine.

Well, not really fine, because honestly? It was icky. And took longer than expected.

And it hurt.

But my little girl makes a lovely nurse and made me a killer milkshake (soft, cool foods only).

On the other hand, she made it for me because I spilled the first one all over EVERYWHERE.

So I sat like a duchess all day. I played Scrabble online, I dozed, I answered a zillion text messages from my co-worker who was trying to fill in for me today. (No, they can't leave me alone when I'm off work. I can guarantee there will be at least a dozen emails every time I take a vacation day.)

I feel like I really have accomplished something though. Technically, NaBloPoMo isn't over till Friday, but I already have the skeleton of my Haiku Friday offering ready. So I did it. I really did. By this time tomorrow, I will have posted for 30 straight days.

I just looked back through the month. I spent a lot of time recounting conversations with the Roo-girl, celebrated two birthdays, dreamed a dream, exposed my personal pecadillos and my unfinished business, gave thanks for BFFs and our lot in life, and wrote a bunch of haikus. I introduced my groovy interplanetary look. I even wrote a guest post that may or may not actually see the light of day. (Megan? Seriously, dude, are you out there?)

That was a lot of stuff that fell out through my fingers and into the blogosphere.

It also was tiring.

It kinda reminded me of when the Z-man was in middle school. During his elementary school years, he was a voracious reader. Read everything and anything. Swallowed the Harry Potter series whole. The first day of middle school, he found out he was required to do a certain amount of outside reading and take little tests for points. He never picked up a novel again.

To be "required" (yeah yeah, I know, it's self-imposed; work with me here) to produce every single day is mentally draining, and sometimes I just didn't want to.

But I did.

And, considering what a blog newbie I still am, I feel like I really accomplished something.

Yay me.

So check back tomorrow for Haiku Friday. But just for the record? I'm taking the weekend off!


Junebug said...

I hear you!! I am glad for December so I can relax and post when I feel like it again. Anyway, I need to do some Christmas shopping and my son's birthday is in December and I am singing in a choir program at church so I need to practice and I am working on a special song. See you tomorrow! :D

nikki said...

Milkshake?! Yummmmmm! Of course I'd of added a shot of somethin-somethin to make the milkshake even better! (Vodka, Bailys, Kahlua, etc.)

Robinella said...

And rest you should. Make sure an peek at me on Sat. You have an honorable mention in there. Give your girl extra smooches for being so good to you.

Canadian flake said...

I am glad ya got through the appointment and you had someone to tend to you for a bit...but I was thinking along the same lines as nikki...

milkshakes are nice, but whiskey's quicker..lmaoooooo.

Feel better soon.

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