Thursday, December 13, 2007

Animal riots

Yesterday's poll remains open. Check it out, and weigh in on the subject of whether I should admit to my daughter that I blog (therefore I am).

In the meantime, she's so earnest that sometimes? it just hurts my face:

The Roo-girl: Is that the new bag from Victoria's Secret?

Carpool girl: Yes, I got it yesterday. It's like $30 when you buy their cosmetics.

TRG: They test on animals.

CPG: So?

Evil Mother: *supresses a smile*

TRG: They test on animals. It hurts the animals.

CPG: What's the big deal? People put perfume on their dogs all the time to make them smell good.

EM: *bites lip to keep from laughing*

TRG: Oh, CPG, that's so BAD for them. You can't even use human shampoo on dogs. It's bad for their skin.

CPG: How do you even know they test on animals?

TRG: My friend told me. That's Victoria's secret!

EM: *crams entire fist into mouth*

CPG: Do they test their bras and underwear on animals too?

TRG: OH MY GOD. THIS ISN'T ABOUT UNDERWEAR!!!!!! *pause* Although that would make a great fashion show...

EM: Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!


Robinella said...

"that's Victoria's secret"...hahaahahahahaaaha

Thankfully that's what TRG thinks. It won't last.

Mango Marie said...

FINALLY, we all know Victoria's secret!

Kaytabug said...

I always wondered what Vickie's Secret was! Now I know!! So cute and funny!

nikki said...

Dude, if I ever own a dog, I'm totally going to dress it in bras.


Jenni said...

LOL! Before I read carpool girl's comment, I was going to ask if they test their underwear and bras on animals, too. Because I don't wear Victoria's Secret makeup, just their underwear and bras and, uh, other items. And I don't want any that have been on animals, thankyouverymuch. Who would put lingerie on a dog anyway? I think people should love animals, but not *love* animals, KWIM?

Renée said...

Like, oh my god!

I can't get the mental picture of a bichon frisee in a WonderBra out of my head. Thanks.

Funny post.

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Willowtree said...

Sadly, due to their compliant nature and inherent trust, Beagles are one of the more popular test subjects.

dawn224 said...

That's hysterical! :)

Canadian flake said...

lol I laughed so hard at this that I just spit out my drink while giggling..

thanks for the giggles...I will go clean up now..lmao.

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