Thursday, December 6, 2007

Fall Out Boy fallout

The Roo-girl is celebrating the acquisition of a new phone. It is not exactly new, seeing as she bought it used on eBay, but it has the feature du jour: a full qwerty keyboard.

It's perfect for the textaholic.

Fortunately for all of us, we have an unlimited texting plan. It is just too convenient for Wonderhubby to text me his whereabouts, instead of calling (wicked witch boss has a thing about phone use). Or for Z-man to shoot me a few words about his day. Or for J-Bear to type out good news about her history grade.

Or for the cheer coach to let me know that practice is canceled.

Or for my co-worker to tell me she's caught in traffic.

Anyway, I digress. We are a texting family, and the Roo-girl is no different. But she believed she was texting-challenged on a regular phone pad and begged begged begged begged for a new qwerty phone. If you check this stuff out, you can see that most of these phones are PDAs and multiple hundreds of dollars.

SO not happening.

But with a few grandparental Hanukkah dollars burning a hole in her pocket, she did the research, found a phone that met her needs and her budget, and bought it.

Happiness ensued.

And much texting.

The sad part of this new phone is that she leaves behind some of the oh-so-fabulous photos she has taken with the old phone. Please don't tell me that she can email the photos to herself. We do not advocate use of the internet on cell phones. I do have my standards after all.

(Unless you're me and are still yearning for an iPhone that you know you won't get for your birthday on Sunday.)

Wow, ya know, I had a point I was going to make, but I seem to be on some wild tangent here.

Anyway, she also leaves behind her oh-so-special ringtone, which, if memory serves me, was some Fall Out Boy crappola.

The Roo-girl luuuuurves her some Fall Out Boy.

In fact, her two friends went to a concert recently (not in our hometown -- it was an overnight trip) and texted her repeatedly during the concert, called her so she could listen over the phone and bought her a concert t-shirt. She was in hog heaven.

So when she asked me if she could please download a ringtone for her new phone, I shrugged. I knew it would be Fall Out Boy.

But what I didn't know was it would be a song called "Thanks for the Memories."

You know this song? Anyone? Bueller? (If you clicky the linky, though, ignore the monkeys. I don't get it either.)

Here is the snippet she sings for me, the part that is on her phone:

One night and one more time
Thanks for the memories
Even though they weren't so great
He tastes like you only sweeter


Her Roo-ness explained that this song is talking about a one-night stand. (My baby knows what a one-night stand is. Please kill me now.)

But I have tried to get her to explain the last line of the chorus: He tastes like you only sweeter.

She insists it has something to do with the boyfriend of the girl being sung about. I am trying to figure out how the boy singer thinks that a HE tastes sweeter than YOU (who is presumably female).

The Evil Mother in me poked out her head and could not be denied. So I told Roo I thought the singer was gay or possibly bisexual, based on the lyric. Her head nearly swiveled off her neck to gape at me, horrified.

"Oh, MOM!!!!!"

Clearly, I'm stupid. But seriously, does anyone have the answer to this? How can Pete Wentz sing about how HE tastes like her -- only sweeter? What does this mean?

The fate of the free world obviously hangs in the balance.


~JJ! said...

And you had that conversation and didn't puke in the toilet afterwards thinking that you could actually have THAT conversation with your daughter without puking afterwards.....

I am in for it when Fa is a teen.

nikki said...

I am so glad Aaron is only three. I can't handle these conversations yet.


melodyann said...

Oh my God, you are so gay. When the guy says, "Thanks for the memories," he is being sarcastic, because SHE said, "He tastes like you, only SWEETER."


Fall Out Boys rock, baby.

Robinella said...

Nice phone and OH MY!!

Canadian flake said...

good thing melody ann is here to explain all this stuff to us eh??? LOL.

Thanks for the giggles

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