Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Growing up

Oh, my little girl. Where has she gone?

This morning the Roo-girl poked her head into my room and said this:

"I can't believe I already had my bat mitzvah."

Why? It was almost four months ago ...

"Well, because I just can't believe it. Because I watched my brothers all do it, and I remember being there for Z-man's ... and I really was up there reading from the Torah."

Yes, you were, my Roo.

"I'm considered a woman in the Jewish community."

Yes, you are, my Roo.

"It's just so amazing that I did that."

Yes, it is, my Roo.

"Because I'm the baby of the family, and it's so weird to see myself do all the things I watched my brothers do."

Yes, I know, my Roo.

"Wow. Just wow."

Yes, wow.

Excuse me while I cry a little now.


nikki said...

Oh I think I'm going to need a tissue. Kids just don't understand how hard it is to watch them grow up.


Mango Marie said...

So sweet Janet....

Karly said...

Awww! Poor mama. Watching babies grow up is no fun!

Your little Roo-girl is gorgeous though!

~JJ! said...

Oh Mom.
I know.

But she's such a great little lady isn't she?

And beautiful too.


Janet..she is absolutely beautiful!

AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

Oh, that's sweet.

Happy Day one of the 8 days of lights and PRESENTS!! To you & yours.

Canadian flake said...

awwwww she is so beautiful...they grow up so fast don't they?

Geologychick said...

Wow! I didn't even have thoughts of my Bat Mitzvah till years later. She's very smart! I clicked on over from your comment at Amazing Trips... hope that's OK. :)

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