Wednesday, December 12, 2007

No lies were told in the writing of this post

The place: Parental bedroom

The participants: Roo-girl and her Evil Mother.

The scene: Really pleasant snuggly evening with EM being the Roo's very very best friend in the world.

The Roo-girl: You need to have a blog, Mom.

Evil Mother: Uh ... well, um, why do you think I need one?

TRG: Cuz you DO!

EM: What would I do with a blog?

TRG: We're really funny, ya know. You could write about the funny stuff we do.

EM: Oh, Roo, you can't stand it if I tell my friends your funny stuff. What would you say if it was posted on the internet?

TRG: Oh, pooh, Mom, no one would know who I am! Come on ... you need a blog!

EM: ...

TRG: Come on, we'll set one up right now! I'll help you!

EM: I don't think that's something we need to do right now. Look! Something shiny!!

OK, bloggy friends, here's the deal. Obviously, I already have a blog. Also obviously, the Roo-girl knows nothing about it. In fact, no one in real life knows anything about it except the Wonderhubby (who reads it if I send him a link to a particular post, but not otherwise). Not even my BFF knows.

Roo already has seen the From the Planet of Janet linky love on Melodyann's blog. She thought the name was funny but didn't seem to make the connection.

Not telling her has involved some interesting maneuverings on my laptop when she bursts unannounced into my room. Especially when my mailbox clearly states email subject lines like this: [from the planet of janet] New comment on Post-birthday stress disorder.

But there is no force on this earth like the Roo on a mission. She will bug me until the end of time.

So now I'm all conflicted. Do I tell? Or do I continue to write freely in my anonymity?

At the risk of damaging my fragile ego by having no one respond, I am going out on a limb to ask your opinion. I have created (clever me) a poll.

If you know and love me (or even just tolerate me a little), vote!

If you are a lurker, please delurk long enough to give me your input.

And the people who got here by googling "dog poop floor diarrhea" or "how to make your WeeMee like Hannah Montana"? You should vote as well.

I await your decision.


AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

I am the first vote. And, I say hell no. If Roo discovered your personal internal monologue displayed all over the internet, I think that would take away part of the "you" you've shared with us. And, would you really discuss Buzz if she found it??

ChrisB said...

I would say no this is your little secret. If she continues bugging you just start another blog to keep her off the scent!

~JJ! said...

I say tell her. Yet, I don't have an older daughter to contend with.

Maybe when Fa is as old as Roo is, I may change my mind....

Or, you can start (a new) one with her and let her think that's the only one you have....

Where did she get this idea from anyway?

nikki said...

Tricky, tricky. Do you tell her and risk her blabbing to everyone she knows or do you risk her finding out on her own and getting upset with you?


Canadian flake said...

I don't think there is anything wrong with not telling Roo. We all deserve to have a private place to vent, or scream or share our lives...

My gremlins know I have a blog but they are not allowed to read far, they haven't found it..lmao.

Jenni said...

This is SO difficult! There are times I've been glad I told certain family members about my blog, but there are more times I have wished I hadn't. Okay, so I've only been bothered once about my kids knowing, and never about dh knowing. That only came about because my SIL and MIL know, though. My kids don't read my blog regularly. Usually they get a kick out of it when they do. Sometimes they're disturbed (or at least pretend to be), but that's okay we say things to disturb them just for fun sometimes. From the way you've described your family conversations, I say you could go ahead and tell your kids, but I wouldn't tell your mother, MIL, or SIL. There are quite a few blog posts I haven't written because I told too many people I know IRL about my blog, but those people I'm afraid of revealing things to are not my kids!

There, is my vote clear as mud or what? (No, I didn't do the little poll thingy.)

Cate said...

i had the exact same decision to make in the fall when i changed my blog over from Blogger to Wordpress. my family knew about my Blogger blog, but the move was the perfect opportunity to make my new blog more private. and now it is, which feels so good. love not having to censor myself for family's sake.

but since my family expected me to keep blogging, i have another family-approved blog ( that my family can read. since i don't really have time to write two blogs, i just write for monkeys and marbles, and if it is a family safe post, i copy and past it over to my other blog.

so now i have a blog just for me, and one for my family. maybe this would work for you...???

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