Thursday, January 17, 2008

And then there was spewing

Remember this?

Following that, we had this IM exchange:

Evil Mother: look! it's my boy!

Z-man: no way

Z-man: where

Evil Mother: lol. you are so adorable.

Evil Mother: that's ok... cuz i got a phone call from drama king today ... "i dont want to freak you out, but ..." so i immediately went into freakout mode

Z-man: he's straight now?

Too bad this took place at work, because I TOTALLY lost it and there was NO explaining the shower of Diet Coke that I had to clean off my computer.


Robinella said...

I so enjoy your little conversations.

Simply Jenn said...

That was fraking hilarious. Zman is fast on his feet!

Canadian flake said...

OMGGGGGGGG this is so freakin hilarious...

thanks for the always!!

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