Wednesday, January 16, 2008

How I scored a half a doughnut this morning

Driving out of the parking lot of our neighborhood supermarket, after a doughnut run, on the way to school:

Carpool Girl: Oh my God! Those people were making out in their car when we got here!

Evil Mother: They're still making out?

The Roo-Girl: Ew, yes. And they are SO OLD!

EM: How old? You mean like 30?

CPG: Oh yeah. Or maybe 40. Or even 50.

EM: Watch that!!

TRG: Yeah, you don't want to go there with my mom!

EM: *looking over at the offending car in question* Oh, you guys. Those people are not old. Give me a break. And they probably are just sneaking away from their kids to grab a smooch.

TRG and CPG: *unison gagging*

EM: Puh-leeze. Wonderhubby and I used to do that when we were dating. We used to meet at the McDonald's ...

TRG: ARRRGGHHHHH.... MOM! That's disgusting. I don't want to HEAR this.

CPG: Yeah, TMI, ya know?

EM: What? We old people are not allowed to make out?

TRG: MOM! I'm eating! Oh gag, don't talk about this when I'm eating! Now I've totally lost my appetite.

And that is how I scored a half a doughnut this morning!


monkeysandmarbles said...

ha! my parents (especially my mom!) used to talk about that stuff in front of my brother and i all the time, just to freak us out!

and i fully plan to do the same to the boys when they are older!

mwa ha ha ha ha!!!!!!! ;-)

Jenni said...

Oh yeah! Nothin' more fun than freakin' out (or embarassing) the kids. Score one for the old folks:o)

suchsimplepleasures said...

nothing more disgusting than the thought of two old people making out...ewwww!! like 30, that is so old...
my oldest daughter was watching tv the other day, one of those teeny bopper shows...and, there were 2 adults kissing. she got grossed out and said to me " you and dad don't do that, do you?" i said "no, we skip the kissing part!" no, i didn't really say that!!! but, she did ask me that...and, this post reminded me of it!!!

Canadian flake said...

omggggggggg that is so funny I think I might die laughing...

the gnome and I used to sneak off and smooth when we first started to date too...we had to be creative..lmao.

thanks for the giggles

Alison said...

Oh Yea...score for mom!

Robinella said...


Phoenix said...

I give her a year and she won't find it so gross anymore.

My niece told me last night that kissing in movies just ruins it for her. I hope she goes with that for at least the next ten years.

Kathryn said...

The thought of parents making out is enough to make any kid sick. heh heh
I'll have to keep that in mind. ;)

Cheri said... works every time! Just "gross" your kids out and you get their leftovers! Love the drama of Jr. High girls! :-) answer to the comment you left me...can only find the Vanilla Coke Zero in cans (not bottles)...and occasionally...the space on the shelf at the store is empty.

Total conspiracy! They pull you in...hook, line and sinker...then wham! It's gone!

Tink said...

LOL! Remember that trick the next time she has something REALLY good... Like cake!

Holly said...

Back then, I would've thought the same way Roo did. Now that I'm the old one, I totally get it.

Cheri said...

Hi J:

new email I just set up:

I cannot use the one that my blogger was sending to today...


Marlee said...

Right! I *definitely* do not want to hear about my parents making out (and I'm 37...)!!! ;)

Simply Jenn said...

WOOT! On the doughnut score.

Pamela said...

I remember when my eldest was about 10 and she said "Do you do thaaaaaat?"

And now she is older than I was when we did thaaaaaaaaaat.

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