Tuesday, January 29, 2008

It's officially time to kill me now


We're home. In one piece. And it's amazing what I missed out in blogville in just 24 hours without internet. I'm trying to catch up with all y'all, but it's pretty overwhelming.

Moving on ...

Roo's cheer team did very well at the weekend competition, all things considering:

1. They have seven on the team (competing against other "small teams" of 16 to 20).

2. Two girls had never competed before.

3. Two others were newly brought up from the younger team.

4. It was their first competition of the year, which was out-of-town to boot.

5. They had to rechoreograph the entire routine two days before when one of the kids failed to get medical clearance for her previous knee injury.

6. They CONTINUED to rechoreograph and tweak the routine the morning of the first comp day -- up to and including being on the warmup mats backstage.

5. One of the girls nearly passed out on day one, and puked on the mats on her way offstage on the second. As Roo said, after the guys came out with wetvacs to clean it up: "At least we'll be memorable."

Enough excuses for ya?

Seriously, though, they took third place, out of four teams. They were thrilled to NOT be last. They got a big ol' trophy to take home. And their first competition of the seaon is DONE.

Her Roo'ness was grace herself, in the air, twisting, flying, stretching her little limbs up to heaven itself. I am amazed that I gave birth to this talented, coordinated creature. I am the quintessential klutz and can trip over a painted line.

Photographic evidence (of HER, not my klutziness) is coming in two weeks, when they send me the complete photo shoot on a CD (about 500 photos from the 2-day meet). Don't worry, only the best of my daughter will be posted.

The trip up ended up uneventful. The drive home with the coach and three girls was HIGHLY educational, as the coach had an epiphany about one of the older girls on the team and how she impacts the behavior of my daughter. Badly, of course.

Every penny I spent on that trip became worth it right there.

But truly, the most memorable moment of my weekend was not during the trip at all, but after we got home.

I walked down the hall to Roo's room to say goodnight. Her door was wide open and the lights on.

I stood in the doorway, and this is what I saw:

My 13-year-old daughter, sitting on her edge of bed, engrossed in a book.

Completely nude.

Had I truly been thinking, I would have backed quickly and quietly out of the doorway and down the hall. She hasn't allowed me to see her anything less than fully clothed since she was 6.


I was absolutely frozen in my spot by the incredible vision of her. She is a tiny girl and has only recently begun to develop, but she is toned and trim from cheer.

And ab.so.lute.ly. gorgeous.

I didn't have my contacts in, so the vision was admittedly a little fuzzy, but OH. She was stunning. And I couldn't look away.

And then she saw me.

The shrieking and screaming were deafening, and I ran back down the hall like a frightened bunny.

She had been planning to take a shower and got stalled by the book she is obsessing over.

Apparently, I'm very RUDE.

Or so I've been told.


Jenni said...

How bittersweet. My 6 year old is just becoming self-conscious and even though I'm proud, it breaks my heart.

I guess you have to think about what you would have done if the roles were reversed and she had seen you reading a book butt-nekkid. I'm guessing your reaction would have been about the same as hers?

Huckdoll said...

I just adore the posts about your daughter. Each time I read this blog, I appreciate the lil terrors my girls still are. And I always think to myself that I will have to go through what you're going through x 2. SCARY!!!

~JJ! said...

First of all, your daughter is totally gorgeous. You are in TR.OU.BLE woman.

Second, that competition seemed a little to stressful for that team.

I used to bring my dance company to competitions and my first rule was NEVER change choreography up to a week before the competition...too much stress...No matter HOW many girls got injured or sick, even if it screwed up the formation...When kids are fainting and puking you know you are expecting too much from them.

I used to compete as a kid too and I fainted on stage while dancing one year...I vowed never to do that to my kids.

Just my HUMBLE opinion...

nikki said...

It's always a sucker punch to the gut when you realize how wonderful and fast you kids are growing up to be. Lovely post.

Jenni said...

Hey! There's another Jenni here. Who'd a thunk it?

I'm glad y'all survived the competition! It never ceases to amaze me how atheltic and coordinated my children are given my genetic contribution.

The way you described Roo reading her book, I got a picture of one of those paintings of the wild nekkid little fairy children perched on a leaf--all forbidden parts covered of course. There is sort of an elven quality to Roo, don't you think? Do you know what I'm talking about? Shoot! I'll have to look for a link. I swear I've seen a painting like this. Now how to search so that I don't get some really messed up results?

Simply Jenn said...

The cheer world is both heaven and hell. We are in hell right now.

Complimentarily- I LOVE you! I read every post and we have some similarities (cheer girls) and differences but you are never mean, or whiny or anything but kind and wonderful. I love to learn more about your family, and I just plain old like you! Thanks for being a part of blogging.

Simply Jenn said...

(By the way my kids let me see them naked all the time. Probably because I'm an exhibitionist. I think a one time view would be much more touching)

Was that weird?


What a great post! So glad that the two of you are home safe and sound....so, is the Roo still upset with you over the naked viewing episode? Lol...poor thing..I remember being that age...not wanting anyone to see you naked...even Mom....my boys on the other hand...the two youngest that is...could care less...

Phoenix said...

I love Roo, she's too funny. I was so that way at her age.

Sounds like a good weekend though.

Burfica said...

That is so dam funny. And here I have to scream at my son to shut the dam bathroom door when he's going to take a shower, cuz not everyone wants to see his butt hole. (bends over starting the water)

He giggles and I have to remind him all the time.

He streaks through the house nekkid, with hand in front and back even when other people are here (just like aunts and uncles.)

I swear he's gonna end up living on a nudist beach or something.

lisa's chaos said...

It is amazing how that switch happens when the kids suddenly don't want your help bathing and only allow you to see certain parts of them. You rude mother you. :)

anglophilefootballfanatic said...

Oh, you bad mommy invading her privacy (hahah...I laughed big time!) and blah blah. You carreid her for ten months. You get to stare.

Robinella said...

That was priceless.

moosh in indy. said...

Even I was never distracted enough by those books to be nekkid.

suchsimplepleasures said...

my 12 year old...after a shower, walks around naked and when she spots us checking her out, she becomes so modest and covers herself with her hands. it's so hard to believe that, one minute she was this 5 year old girl sitting in my lap, telling me i should marry her daddy and now...she's becoming a teen-ager!!
my 9 year old...she isn't far behind...only, she doesn't have ANY modesty!!
great post! sounds like you had a wonderful time!
welcome back!

Canadian flake said...

welcome back...a very cute story about a really pretty girl...

thanks for sharing.

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