Sunday, February 10, 2008

Weekly Winners: Feb. 3-9

Snow may not be a novelty for many of you, but for me? It's a rarity.

So I'm playing Lotus' Weekly Winners game from the mountains. You will have to excuse my fascination with icicles and snow.

The butt-crack of dawn:

(He's serious about getting on the road early. The boys were cranky.)

The road ahead:

The driver:

He rarely gets to be shown in this space. I thought I'd give him an opportunity!

The fascination with ice and snow continues:

Now this? This I fail to understand. It's FEBRUARY already!

And because no post from my vacations is complete without an inappropriate-conversations story, I present you this snippet from the car ride. (I promise more later, unless Child Protective Services comes for me first.)

Drummer Man and the Drama King are wrestling with their cell phones, trying to read each other's text messages to their significant others.

Drama King: Aw, it's all "I love you" and "I love you too."

Drummer Man: *snort* Those aren't the dirty ones. THESE are the dirty ones.

Evil Mother: *reaches back and snags his cell phone* Gimme that.

Drummer Man: Noooooooooo.

Evil Mother: *reads something about body parts that she canNOT repeat for the listening audience* Ahhh! My eyes! My eyes!!

Wonderhubby: Learn something?

Evil Mother: *smacks Wonderhubby firmly on the leg and rolls eyes*

Drummer Man: What?

Drama King: She'll show him later.


Yep, I have scarred my children for life. And in case, CPS is reading, the Roo-girl was watching a dvd in the backseat with headphones on. So there!


Burfica said...

dammmmmmmmmmm I wanna know what it said!!!

Those pictures are awesome by the way!!!

Joy T. said...

The pictures are great. No way would I be fast enough to grab a T child's cell phone. I bow to you and your quick reflexes!

Huckdoll said...

Those pictures are BY FAR the most beautiful I've ever seen! Where do you live? I want to live there. Yep, I agree with burfica..what did it say? You're killing me here :)

Robinella said...

#1 and #4 are my favs. Please take me on your car rides. I wanna hear it real time!!! ;-)

HRH said...

The pictures are great. I love the first one.

Dory said...

Excellent shots!

Here's some of my ice shots in case you're bored :)

Tasina said...

Beautiful pictures.

You're killing us - what did it say??

secret agent mama said...

Love your pics, Janet. I really love that banter, though. HAHAHA!

& WH sure is a Handsome Wonder Hubby! But, I'm a sucker for a guy with some facial hair.

Nancy said...

gorgeous mountain photos and I love the skit you included. ahhh, family life! this is my first time to your blog (I've been awol on this meme since Nov) and I LIKE it!

maggie's mind said...

We don't get a heck of a lot of snow here, either, so I love seeing it, and you took some great shots, even if you are withholding information from your curious readers.

Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus) said...

First two shots took my breath away!

Conversations brought it back while I was laughing. ;-)

Annie said...

What did it say? What did it say??

Those shots are really great! I love snow!

Mr Lady said...

I agree with SAM; WonderHubby is a yummanummy!

PS: Tell us what it said. We're grown ups, we can handle it! (I Think! ;)

Sandy C. said...

What did it say!!

Those landscapes are amazing!....Even if you were up at the crack of dawn to take the photo. It's just breathtaking :)

Jeanette said...

That shot if the mountains in the morning is awesome! Just beautiful!

Marylin said...

beautiful pics - the road ahead is my fave :)

Jenni said...

Heh, you can teach an old dog new tricks;o) What *did* that message say? Old dog here. Looking for new tricks. Okay, not really, but tricks are *not* just for kids.

I love all your family conversations. They sound so much like ours.

In the car this morning:
Jo - Could you please turn on the radio
Me (sarcastically) - No, we're having family together time.
Danny - Yeah, we're supposed to, like, talk and stuff.
Jo - Noooo! Our family conversations scare me!
Me - Scare you or scar you? Either way, once you're 18 you pay for your own therapy.

Gabriel said...

WOW. Fantastic pictures, you should add a watermark to them before everybody starts using them all over the internet... :-)

Thanks for dropping by, and have a great day!!

My post: here.

Julie said...

My conversations with my kids sound like that...they frequently accuse me of being inappropriate, which is probably true sometimes...

Very nice photos. I think your plan of letting someone else drive while you take pictures is better than my plan of driving and taking the photos -- you got great shots of the things you were trying to photograph, and I got 47 shots of the sky.

suchsimplepleasures said...

i love your conversations! they are so so funny!

and...sadly, yes...the samoas are gone. the dog ate them. i've been watching her closely, though. a)so she doesn't eat the remaining boxes of girl scout cookies and b)just in case the chocolate from the samoas bother her.

Hootin' Anni said...

Janet: Thank you so much for the birthday wishes that you sent my way in my comment section. It's greatly appreciated!!!!

Hope your weekend has treated you well.

Rebecca said...

Very nice! I love the first two in particular. :)

lisa marie said...

Hey I like Christmas in February. :)

Karen MEG said...

Gorgeous shots, esp. the mountains. And yes, inquiring minds want to know :)
Great WW!

tiff said...

I love those mountain photos.
Loved the banter too!

merrymishaps said...

Beautiful photos, love the mountains and the icicles!

Kat said...

Beautiful shots - LOVE the first one!!!

MP said...

Man that is beautiful..holy cow!!

dawn224 said...

yeah, I'm impressed you were able to snag a cell phone out of a teen/20s hand too...

Canadian flake said...

roflmaooooooooooo tooooooo damn funnyyyyyy

the pics were great...but reminded me how cold it is here..roflmao.

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