Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Why we have had no hot water for four days

My poor Wonderhubby has been very sick.

Awful, yucky sick.

Not the pukey kind (anyone got some wood I can knock on??), but the feverish, achy, snotty, headachy, I-feel-generally-rancid kind.

And, God bless him, he is not a typical male when it comes to being sick. He isn't all whiny about his ailments.

No. What he is whiny about is: He feels like he isn't accomplishing anything while he is feeling puny.

What the heck???

Now, first of all, let me remind any who haven't followed along before now, WH is severely ADHD. He was the quintessential jumping bean as a child. Couldn't sit still. Add a little dyslexia to the mix, and you have an totally unfocused boy that they -- wait for it -- TAPED TO THE DESK in first grade. Although I am outraged beyond measure on his behalf, it also is some kind of testament to how bad he was if teachers thought that was the only answer.

But I digress. He's ADHD. His motor runs. Constantly.

So even when he is burning up with fever, he's agitated because he isn't DOING something. Saturday was spent doing nothing. Sunday, his temperature was down, and he was scratching at the walls from inactivity.

We took a little excursion for the $1.50 hot dog and soda deal at our local Costco, and when we got back, I poured him back into bed. He was still ootchy from sitting around, though (ootchy is a technical term). Poor thing. I felt so bad for him.

So we were lounging around together (I'm doomed to get this particular yuckiness, you know -- I spent WAAAAY too much time sharing airspace with him!), and the Roo-girl bursts into the room.

"There's no hot water."

So we dutifully turn on the tap in the sink. Son of a gun, she is CORRECT!

Ah, says the oh-so-handy-but-still-a-little-woozy WH. The pilot light is out.

So he dutifully relights it.

And it goes out again.


Everyone takes a sponge bath with chilly water. (Except me -- I go swimming at the gym early Monday morning, so I can have a REAL shower! Score!)

Now my poor sickly hubby has mustered all his strength to actually go to work on Monday. When you don't have sick time, you work or you don't get paid. And on his way home, he picked up the part to the water heater that he thought was the culprit. Please don't ask. It's some thermo-couply-something. My eyes glaze over when he talks about this stuff. I listen, but I have no freakin' clue.

And he installs it. Clever boy!

And the pilot light ... does not light.


So Monday night was spent investigating water heater parts and actual water heaters -- the tank kind and the tankless kind. Gotta love the internet. You can do your research from the comfort of your own sick bed.

And the bottom line, people? We're screwed. We can spend mucho buckos on a new valve-y thing, or for even more bucks, we can replace the whole shootin' match.


Wonderhubby cannot do this dramatic search-and-rescue-us-from-no-hot-water until ... the weekend! As well he shouldn't. He really needs all his reserves to make it through the workday, the poor thing.

So, here it is ... Wednesday. We have had no hot water since Sunday. And there is no pilot light at the end of the tunnel until Saturday.

In the meantime, I cannot wash dishes (can you imagine doing dishes in cold water with Typhoid Larry wandering around???). I cannot do laundry because, not only is there no hot water, but the water heater is in the laundry room, which is now all torn up to heck (oh, darn, I'm soooo heartbroken).

What's a compulsive blogger to do? Bwahahahahahaha!!!!!


ChrisB said...

I can't believe I know about thermal couples I think it's a sort of temperature sensor~ I know because there was a time when we had to keep having our replaced on our boiler and thats how the boiler guy described it!
It must be so awful not having any hot water and all this when your hubby is under par!! I bet you can't wait for Saturday. I'd say bring the laundry over but it's a bit far!!

Cathy said...

Oh no! our water heater broke a few years ago on Christmas Eve! And we were hosting Christmas Dinner! Hopefully it'll all be fixed soon.

And I was LOL at the fact that they taped him to his chair. My gosh. Now when we have kids who have trouble sitting we let them take a walking break around the school, or jump on the trampoline for awhile. Then they can usually come and sit for awhile. One teacher even lets one of her students pace in the back of the room - he's listening! And learning! And not driving her crazy by falling out of his chair!

Jenni said...

I hope he feels better and you have your hot water soon!

~JJ! said...

They taped my husband to his dining seat when he was a boy..Because he couldn't sit still and he was rubbing his eyes too much..Fun.

Hope WH feels better soon.

Canadian flake said...

Janet...this may sound odd...but this post has given me a kind of hope I have been thank you. My son has severe ADHD...and as he gets ready to enter high school in the fall, I am terrified of what little life has to offer him...but if your WH made it..maybe my boy will too...

My fingers are crossed for your water heater...and for my boy...

nikki said...

My nipples just fell off thinking about a freezing cold sponge bath.


Dang..I sure hope you get it fixed soon. I understand about the work or don't get paid thing. I don't get sick time either. Sucks.

suchsimplepleasures said...

you are so lucky! you have a legitimate excuse to NOT do laundry!! i'm so jealous! you can actually obsessively blog, without guilt!!

Kaytabug said...

Oh, I feel so sorry for you not having any hot water. My hubs has had the same kind of sickness. I hope WH gets to feeling better soon and that you get hot water Saturday.

I have a ADHD son and hearing that WH was taped to a chair in FIRST grade just made me heart ache.

I want to have my son go to school where Cathy is. My son has a teacher that is NOT understanding at all.

Typhoid Larry made laugh hard!!!

Joy T. said...

Oh ugh. No hot water just plain sucks. But I LOL at the thought of more blogging! Hope hubby is feeling better....and you don't get it!!

anglophilefootballfanatic said...

Thank GOD for the gym! I would NOT be okay. Course, this is a great time to buy new clothes..."But honey, I can't wash." Hmmm...this gives me an idea. They TAPED him to his chair? I can imagine a duct taped little kid. Poor thing.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

When our water heater did that, it just needed a good cleaning. Apparently three cats and two dogs will shed enough to leave a coating of fur literally everywhere.

I have no idea how you are surviving. I would have to stay in a hotel. Me + cold water in the shower = bad, bad things.

dawn224 said...


I used to like going to the gym b/c the shower was nicer (bigger) than the one we had at home!

Blue Momma said...

My hubby is the king of the sick whiners. Plus, not mechanically handy at all. So by now we would have a new water heater and the big ass bill to go along with it.

I do recall either the gas or electric company here offering a new water heater if you were willing to switch from gas to elec (or maybe the other way around??). Love my gas hot water though, so we'd have the big bill.

You are always welcome to pack a BIG bag and come wash at my house......

Allison said...

It's a bit chilly around here in the shower too. Something is wrong with our water heater---my husband went down to turn up the temp on it, and he said he thought it sounds like it's leaking :-S I hope not---last year the other water heater went (we live in a house split into apartments. Stupidest thing ever done), and we didn't have heat or hot water for a while, since the heater for downstairs here is down there next to the water heaters. I hope that doesn't happen---but I may have to wait for that because I have no idea who the resident manager is anymore (we live in the house in front of a trailer park). The last person I know was the resident manager I heard a rumor that they are being evicted. :-|

Sorry to hear your husband got mistreated---my husband isn't ADHD, but he was kicked in the head as a kid (by a kid on a swing---long story), and he moved around a lot so he had some troubles and was placed such that his school record isn't the best :-|

Mr Lady said...

I have thought about taking an axe to my water heater and blaming it on robbers or aliens or something. I am jealous of you. Except for the cold baths. You can HAVE that.

PS, you make an excellent point about the grandchildren. God, I am glad to have you around.

Robinella said...

I love DIYers. Even though you have to wait a week. Our A/C unit went kaput two summers ago - when the temp was 110 - and nobody could "fit us in" for two weeks! We bought a huge window unit and tacked a comforter at the base of the stairs and we all stayed downstairs. It wasn't cool but we were comfy.

Hope he feels better soon and you don't get it. And hey, you can always heat water for a very shallow bath instead of sponging it.

Maria said...

I'm sorry that he's miserable in so many ways - ootchy is definitely a technical term, only known to those on the top of the heirarchy - I wish my hot water heater would break.


lisa marie said...

Oh I hate having to do without water. Well, I guess you have water for flushing and such but still. A whole week? Ouch!

Burfica said...

ours went out, and we had to boil water and add some pots to already cold tub of water. Just to take some baths and we hand washed some underwear and did dishes that way.

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