Friday, March 21, 2008

Haiku Friday: the rant and rave edition

Haiku Friday

I'm so furious
that I cannot even think
in five-seven-five.

< rant >

I know it's Haiku Friday, but 5-7-5 is tough when you are spitting nails.

My little Roo-girl had the opportunity of, well, not quite a lifetime, but it was a damned good one.

The high school cheer team (which she tries out for in April -- omigod!!!) practices at a local gym and invited her to work out with them. This is pretty freakin' special. Tryouts are a month away -- and she is getting an opportunity not offered to anyone else!

Roo was understandably excited about this and burbled a little to her current coach, who RAINED ON HER PARADE.

Told my child that she COULD. NOT. GO.

Because it conflicted with her regular team practices.

Now, I don't know about you, but I happen to know that the cheer season is winding down some. And preparations are being made (at least at the high school level) for NEXT year already.

I also happen to know that my kid is very very loyal to her coach, the only person who has trained her during her five years as a cheerleader/tumbler. Loyal to the point of making me crazy, too, because Coach K is a notorious flake.

And I ALSO happen to know that Roo is the most skilled child on her team -- both in the air and on the floor mats as a tumbler. No one else has a standing back tuck or any parts of the pike-overs and half-whatevers she can do.

Roo-girl IS that team, and the coach is staring disaster in the face when my little girl goes to high school.

So when we got the call Thursday morning that she was invited to practice that night, I told Roo I would talk to the coach and clear it. I had no intention of telling Coach K why she wouldn't be at practice Thursday night, just that she wouldn't.

I admit I took the chickenshit way out: I sent her a text message.

And as soon as the text left my fingertips, my phone rang.

Guess who?

"Is Roo-girl sick?" she asked.

"No," I answered. "I just need her tonight."

"Oh, well, you know she told me about practicing with the high school team. Is that where she is going?"

Sigh. I won't lie.

"Yes, it is."

"Well, you know what I told her, don't you?"

*Insert motherly eyeroll here*

"I told her to remember how she felt last year when other kids did that to HER."

"Um, K? She is not quitting the team. She is missing practice tonight. Period."

Sheesh. This kid does. not. miss. practice. ever.

She is the heart and backbone of the team, and she is always there, busting her butt.

Hey, coach?

How 'bout if you are gut-busting proud of the little girl you have trained since she was 8 years old? How 'bout if, instead of playing the guilt card, you let the baby bird fly from the nest?

You've raised her well, Coach K. Now it's time to let her test her wings in the big-girl arena.

Fly, baby bird, fly!
Time to show them your best stuff.
You make your mom proud.

< /rant >


MamaGeek said...

Oh that coach sucks the donkey. People like that should NOT be coaches! Poor thing. said...

go roo-girl!! i agree it's a fantastic opportunity and she should only be encouraged!

Melissa said...

I agree. That coach should be happy, not a snot.

Good luck to roo-girl!

Mama DB said...

Bummer that the coach is being such a snit about it. Sounds immature. I hope your girl gets to go to the practices. All of them!

Toni said...

I HATE that coach; why do they have to be territorial like that??!

wright said...

The coach should not try to control RG. I hope her practice went well. It's really exciting to get this opportunity. I'm sure she'll make the squad!

Jenni said...

Aw, that sucks that the coach is being like that. I know how loyal those kids can be to their coaches. I hope Roo doesn't let this get her down or hold her back.

Anne said...

Sheese, I would think the coach would feel great that one of "her" girls was offered such a great opportunity to insure that she continues cheering in the future. I guess I could see some of the other girls feeling a little jealous and, in childlike fashion, turning it into an issue of loyalty, but NOT the friggin' coach!

I think you did well with your haiku, considering!

nikki said...

Good for Roo-girl (and you) to follow through with the high school cheer team. You'd both be kicking yourselves later if you didn't! (and the coach sounds like she's on a power trip.)

Scylla said...

Go Roo Go!!! Good Luck!

And Go MOM!! For stopping her coach from limiting her.

I am not surprised you don't want to write in Haiku form. Righteous Anger is the antithesis to calm poetic expression.

Tink said...

Sounds like the coach has a PERSONAL problem with this. I'm glad Roo and you are doing what's best in Roo's interest. She's an amazing girl. It's no wonder the coach is upset to be losing her. But she'll have to get over that.

Head Gaggler said...

Oh no! That's terrible. Good luck to your Roo.

Bren said...

That is awesome for Roo Girl! And a big, big deal for her. She has to be excited beyond belief. Good for her!

And good for you taking a stand! Coach is no doubt dreading next year. Time to face the inevitable!

Kathryn said...

Good grief, coach!!! What is the freaking problem? Be proud that you coached her well enough that she is at such a high level. Don't be such a spoiled sport!

Good for you for sending your daughter anyway. I would have done the same!

storyteller said...

Good for you! It’s important to stand up for kids on such issues … not stand in their way!
Hugs and blessings,

maggie's mind said...

Coach K really sucks
I mean, sounds like she taught much,
but this just ain't right!

Just be Proud Coach K,
take it as a compliment,
Roo-Girl rocks Cheer World!

If I were Janet,
I would *so* be fuming, too.
Coach K can suck it.

Sorry, little harsh,
but I'm also mad for you.
At least we all know...

This is Roo-Girl, see,
so we all know she'll be fine,
she'll land on the top!

(not to haiku all over you - hey, rhymed! - I'm suffering from impulse control this morning, and, oops, out it came...)

tumblewords said...

Can certainly understand your rant - and it is hard to get in a haiku! Good post.


How ridiculous that coach is being...she needs to count her blessings that Roo girl is still part of the team..Roo girl should go work out, let the coach know she can't control everyone...Go Roo Girl!

Miss Ann Thrope said...

You did the right thing. By letting Roo practice with the high schoolers. But dude, what the HELL happened to "In with the good air, OUT with the bad...." that we practiced?

And remember to say AFTER exhale, "Coach K is a cunt... Coach K is a cunt..."

Miss Ann Thrope said...

You did the right thing. By letting Roo practice with the high schoolers. But dude, what the HELL happened to "In with the good air, OUT with the bad...." that we practiced?

And remember to say AFTER exhale, "Coach K is a cunt... Coach K is a cunt..."

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Good for you for interfering in the rain shower on Roo's parade!

Stupid coach.

anglophilefootballfanatic said...

Does she think your child is copyrighted for her? Umm. That is not how to deal with a teen. She needs to get a spanking.

Janet said...

Coach Control Freak: that is now her new name. Stamped it.

secret agent mama said...

You boiled my blood a little, J! I think that the coach is a tad jealous and sad about Roo going on to bigger and better. Oh well, though, such is life!

Sandy C. said...

Way better than a "Ku! Your post even has me riled up! How very selfish of her coach. Good for Roo-girl, and good for you for standing up for her! She needs to spread her wings to bigger and better places it seems.

Joanna (Mof2) said...

Thanks for stopping by! I hate that the coach was like that. Good Luck Roo!

Sadie said...

Good for you for standing up for Roo!! That coach needs to get a grip and let go. She can't stop next year from coming and should be encouraging roo-girl to achieve her dreams!!

LceeL said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Sounds like Coach needs a little reality check. And your Roo sounds like a special kid. Good that she has found reading, and she is athletic. I have added you to my reader.

I really was unprepared. I had promised (more or less) a well thought out and meaningful Haiku to someone whose somewhat snobbish attitude about our Haiku Fridays irritated me a bit. But I've been so busy getting ready for a trip to England, I didn't have time to fulfill my promise. So that last minute thing I put together was just that - last minute. But thanks for you comment. Sometimes I surprise me, too.

Mom24 said...

Wow! I would be really angry too. I hope that she does go, and that she has a great time. Good luck to her (and you!).

Burfica said...

You did the right thing I would have definatly done that, cuz school is out in another couple months then she will be moving on, she has to look at the next year, and her progress on.

Joyce said...

Be strong, Janet. :) Let the coach know you appreciate her, but your daughter's best interests come FIRST. (But of course, you are already doing what's best for your dear girl.)

On another note, maybe you or I should do a post inviting some of these friends to play Scrabulous. :) Thanks for playing your moves so rapidly!

cablegirl said...

Oh, how frustrating. Sounds like this is a great opportunity for her and it's sad that her coach isn't supporting her.

Jenni said...

Coach K needs her own kids!

Cathy said...

Oh that sucks! Glad she went to the special practice!

Alison said...

so...did she like it??? I am glad you let her did the right thing!!

Blue Momma said...

You should have just told coach K "Waaaaaaaaaah" and hung up!

Yea for Roo. Sounds like you've got quite the girl there. And she has a great mom!

Joy T. said...

Love hearing this. Sometimes coaches aren't looking at what we as parents are looking at when it comes to OUR children. So many parents I know would have caved because the coach 'said no' and an opportunity would have been missed. Yeaaa Roo-girl and yeaaa mom!!

Rebecca said...

Yes... that would bother me, too... Ugh...

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