Thursday, March 13, 2008

High school confidential

It's March, and I am watching the end of the school year hurdling at me at the speed of light.

Normally, this wouldn't affect me quite , but the end of the 2007-08 school year has special meaning to me.

It is the last year before my last child enters high school.

The age range of my kids is 13 years from top to bottom. The spacing was such that I spent 19 uninterrupted years with at least one child in elementary school.

Having that kind of scary "streak" come to an end in 2006 was a bit of a trauma, but honestly, I was a little glad to get out of the grade-school mindset and move on. It was a long haul, after all.

But this?

High school? The land of teens and driving and college applications and SATs and the four-year college-prep course-selection plan?

For the little girl who cried at every birthday party she ever had until she was 7?

For the one who stamped her feet in outrage while her older brothers tormented her?

For the one I tucked into bed every night with this: "I love you from the bottom of the ocean to the top of the sky and all the way around the world ..."?

Oh, it is to cry.

Monday night, we went to the incoming freshman orientation program at the local high school. We listened to the fairly boring litany of "what to expect for and from your ninth grader."

I'd heard it before. Please remember I have shepherded three sons and a stepdaughter through high school. But I was unprepared for how hard it was to see my little girl sitting in the bleachers, listening to talk about what classes to take as a high school freshman.

To know that on April 1, she starts clinics and ultimately tryouts for the cheer squad.

To see her face light up as the cheer coach invited her to work out with the team now, instead of waiting till after tryouts.

To know that she now walks a path to her future from which there is no turning back.

High school.

Lord help me. The kid we call the last of the Mohicans is going to HIGH SCHOOL.


The Immoral Matriarch said...

No turning back now!!

I'm considering keeping my girls out of kindergarten until they're like....10.

Karly said...

Aw! This brought tears to my eyes. I can't believe my son is going to be in THIRD grade...I don't even want to THINK about high school. Be brave, mama.


Oh, sweetie...I so feel your pain. I can't believe my oldest is going to be a senior...a senior! And my second, is going to be in ninth grade as baby is starting kindergarten....wished we could meet up, we could cry in there!

Janet said...

LALALALALA _ not listening! The Queen is supposed to start kindergarten in Fall 2009. I can keep her out until she's 6, but after that I go to jail.

Burfica said...

awwww I so feel for you and send you big hugs.

Kiddo being an only child (not by choice but by health reasons) when he entered middle school this past year it about killed me.

I don't even want to imagine high school.

my husband and aunt keep teasing me, they are doing a countdown to when he will move out. I keep yelling at them to shut up he's gonna live with me till He's 50 or I die, whatever comes first.


nikki said...

And I thought kindergarten was going to be hard! Aaaaak, they grow up way too fast!

~JJ! said...

Jees...I had a hard time with preschool...What am I gonna do?

Huckdoll said...

Wow...highschool. That's big time. I remember everything changing when I went to highschool..a huge transition. It's awesome she'll be on the cheer squad, at least she won't go through that awkward not fitting in phase. I can't even imagine my two year olds in highschool. So not going to happen :)

Jenni said...

Oh yes. We've had our share of growing pains here in the last 24 hours. I won't even mention them. I know you've been through it all and more before anyway, but there's something different about the last one isn't there?

jennifer said...

Yikes. High school?! I thought I was so grown up in high school...amazing, though, how you're still just a kid.

Good luck.

anglophilefootballfanatic said...

Breathe. You can do it. You've done it several times before, so you know what you are getting into, right? Just think of all the blog fodder HS will be!

LSM said...

My oldest is going to be a freshman also. In our district we have a separate "freshman academy," so I'm using that as fodder for my denial about her being that old.

Mandy said...

I feel for ya! I have a while to go but I am dreading that day!!!

karisma said...

So the fun begins. I can't say I envy you there. My youngest girl is the only one still in highschool and its been quite an adventure for her and us. Good luck to Roo Girl, with such a great personality Im sure she will do famously!

Bananas said...

Wow. How fast time flies, aye? I am all choked up about CJ starting kindergarten... but I'm sure before I know it I'll be in your shoes!

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