Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I canNOT believe what a dork I am. Seriously.


Yes, I AM the biggest doofus on the planet. I did something this month that has me blithering like an idiot. STILL!!

I met one of my real-live idols: Joshilyn Jackson.

The woman is an amazing writer. Her third novel came out this month and she has been on a tour of local haunts, for booksignings and speeches and general pressing of the flesh.

When I saw on her blog that she would be within a reasonable driving distance of my house, I was on this like white on rice. (What the hell does that mean anyway??? Oh. That. First definition only please.)


I planned my week around this. I put it in my phone/pda thingy. I wrote it in my paper calendar. I told the Wonderhubby about it. I talked about it endlessly to people who couldn't care less.

And I told my bloggy friend Miss Ann, too.

And she? lost her shit -- because she lives NOWHERE NEAR anywhere that Joss (we're such good buds, you see -- I can call her Joss) would be appearing.

So I promised I would get her a signed copy, too.


I trooped off -- all by myself -- to an obscure bookstore in a strange part of town to meet the writer of my dreams.

When I arrived, she was giving a talk to an audience of about 10 or 11. She was adorable. With dimples to die for and a sparkle in her eye.

She talked, she read from the book. She took questions. She signed books.

Omigod, she signed books.

I sat down in a chair next to her (!!) and totally forgot that I am a grown woman with five children, a husband and a respectable job.

I blithered. I gasped. I slobbered. Sheesh. It went kind of like this:

"Omigod, I read your blog and I TOTALLY love you. I started reading your blog before I read your books. I found you through reading Mir because I was reading her entire archive and there was this time when you and Kira kidnapped her and then I figured I should read your blogs and then I read your books and I absolutely loved them and my friend loves you too and didn't want to order a signed copy online cuz she wanted me to come here and get it signed for her ... oh and for me too ... and I really should shut up because I am so slobbering over you and totally embarrassing myself!"

Yep. That is a pretty accurate representation of what I sounded like.

Pretty awful, huh?

Except I got this:

And this:



Miss Ann Thrope said...

I hope you are not sneaking around reading it yet, because YOU PROMISED!!

And also? I would like to be referred to as your BFF from now on, thank you very much... that is, if you want that birthday present that is only what? 4 months late? I'll get it there!!!

Canadian flake said...

lmao@ miss ann thrope...tooooo funny...

glad you got to meet someone that meant so much to you...wtg and congrats.

wright said...

WOW - that's so great that you got to meet her and I don't think you sounded too bad. {at least that's what I'm telling you ;-) }

nikki said...

Did you jump up and down waving your hands like a dork? Hope you remembered to wear your drippy bib.

(Psst! You're such a hottie.)

Janet said...

I am SO that way when I meet someone I admire. Forget having a master's in English, I completely lose all adult vocabulary and blather like a drunken 5-year-old. Obviously, you were fine, because she signed your book and posed for pictures for and with you! (ALthough you might want to check her blog for any references to the crazy woman who came to her book signing. Just in case.)

Huckdoll said...

Hehehe, you sound like a school girl! So exciting...I'm pretty sure my reaction would be the same over somebody I adored like that :)

PS. I love your usage of Best website ever!

Aoj & The Lurchers said...


Actually, I've never heard of her...but I will go look now because I feel another Amazon order coming on as payday approaches!

Mir said...

Ahahahahaha trust me, she's seen worse. What's not to like about someone who adores you, anyway?

Plus Joss is the real deal in terms of Awesomeness. Dimples and all!

ChrisB said...

Now you have got me curious and I have to go and check her out! Anyway I'm glad you you got to meet her ~ BTW great photo :)


Loved the photo at the, I finally get to see what my bloggy friend looks are adorable...glad you got to meet, I will have to check her out too.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

I haven't heard of her, I'm embarrassed to admit, but now I'll have to check her out. A recommendation from you is all I need.

You're not a dork and you know it. I think it's great that you idolize writers. If you were doing this over Britney I'd worry. A lot.

Great picture!

Burfica said...

that is so very cool.

And I act like Blittering idiot most days so no biggie!!!!!!

Jenni said...

I'll have to check her out now.

anglophilefootballfanatic said...

1. Have I told you lately how much I love you? Cause my mother so would not know white on rice or that there was such a thing as the Urban Dictionary.
2. I would totally do that about Diana Gabaldon. My friend and I almost flew to DC to a signing as she was going to be there & have her latest book two weeks before anyone else would be able to get it. So I get it!

amanda said...

I LOVE Joshilyn Jackon. I haven't gotten to read her latest book yet. But I cannot wait. I have to wait until I have time to sit around all day, because I can not be pulled away from them. I am so envious you got to meet her! :)

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

What fun! She looks like a really nice person!

karisma said...

OMIGOD you are such a scream! Blathering? How does another human being lead you to blather? Too funny!

Joy T. said...

OMG could you look any more ADORABLE!!!! Look at you clasping your hands to hold back from leaning over and throwing your arms around that lady LOL I would have pee'd my pants laughing if she would have signed your book something like "Thanks chatty, it was fun." I will have to look this author up if she makes you this giddy :o)

dawn224 said...

You are totally cute!

Trying to think of books for Roo now...

Robinella said...

You look so cute there next to her. I see where your Roo-Girl gets her looks. Does she have ANY of her dads features?

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

OMIGOD, OMIGOD, OMIGOD Yay! for you! So glad you got to meet one of your favorites.

Also? You're looking pretty cute in that photo. Mrowr.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

OMIGOD, OMIGOD, OMIGOD Yay! for you! So glad you got to meet one of your favorites.

Also? You're looking pretty cute in that photo. Mrowr.

Dory said...

Oh, I'm SOOOO jealous! And happy for you too of course! ;)

Janet said...

hahaha that's how I felt when I met Sean Astin at a book signing...OMG OMG OMG a HOBBIT!!!

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