Tuesday, April 29, 2008

How I met my honey ... Well, actually, more like how we got engaged

I have the quintessential "meet-cute" story about how I met Wonderhubby in November 2000. In fact, it's so adorable that I already had written it and posted it here.

But what I had never talked about is "the proposal."

One reason I haven't written about it is that it was a highly identifiable event, and although you could probably find me and my family from my posts if you really worked at it, I do try to be generic enough here to ensure some semblance of privacy. (Plus Roo-girl would TOTALLY kill me if she were truly recognizable!)

Anyway, I am going to try to describe this one without making it an "Aha!" moment.

So, here we go.

Wonderhubby, when he was still Wonderboyfriend, had every intention of marrying me. He offered up little hints that indicated that (like "when I move to Yourtown ..." and similar comments), but when the "M" word came up in conversation, I had a tendency to gag or get the shakes.

You see, my previous experience was not so hot, and he knew it. He did like to tweak me about it, though, just to see my reaction, but after awhile, I think he felt sorry for me and told me this:

"We are going to put a moratorium on discussing marriage (*shiver*) until after Z-man's bar mitzvah."

This was about a year and a half away at the time. (See? I told you he had every intention of marrying me almost from the start.)

When Z-man's bar mitzvah had passed (September 2003), I knew it was coming -- and I had somehow managed to stop freaking out at the concept.

But that concept continued to go unspoken.

And then we went out of town.

Now you know that Wonderhubby and I both sing. We both sing in choruses that have worldwide chapters and competitions. It was my turn to have a major competition with thousands of women and choruses and ... uh ... stuff!

My entire chorus knew what was coming. In fact, they were TOLD what was coming while I was out of the room. I suspect I was the only one within a radius of about 100 miles who DIDN'T.

Oblivious much?

His original plan was to post it on the Jumbotron, but apparently some whacked-out woman once sued a sports venue for doing this (she felt ... um ... pressured to say yes), so the arena where we were having our competition refused to allow it.

*Insert eyeroll here*

So THAT didn't happen. (And what I didn't know didn't hurt me, right?)

Anyway, we didn't do as well as we had wanted to in this competition, but we were all partying fools and had planned a Saturday night get-together with another chorus.

As part of the festivities, my chorus got up to perform for the crowd -- there were about 500 people in the room, all told.

We sang one song. Then we sang an arrangement of "You Are My Sunshine" that always rocks my world.

"Wait," said my director, as we sang the last notes. "We have a little unfinished business we need to take care of. Janet? Can you come here for a second?"

I looked at her funny and hesitatingly came forward from my fourth-row position.

And up to the front of the crowd walked my Wonderboyfriend. And he began to speak.

"Because you are my sunshine," he said, "... and because I don't want to live without sunshine in my life ..."

And then he dropped to one knee.

A shriek ran through the crowd as it became clear what was happening.

My knees were jelly, and I could barely stand myself. Ultimately, I think, I ended up in his arms, while everyone was screaming around me.

And then they made me go back to my spot to sing.

Uh, riiiiiiiiiiight!

This post is part of Rambling by Reba's How I Met My Honey carnival. Yes, I did cheat by being slightly off-topic. Oh well!


Huckdoll said...

I'm grinning here and usually NOTHING in the blogosphere makes me grin at 12:58am when I'm finishing up for the night.

How beautiful! I would have been red as a lobster in front of all those people, but this melts my heart nonetheless. Very sweet and romantic!

ChrisB said...

What a lovely romantic proposal :)

Sadie said...

What a great story!! Wonderful proposal by WH!! Much more romantic than my hubby's ;)

nikki said...

What a lovely story and proposal. My ring came in a little plastic Easter egg on Easter. Everyone else's egg held plastic play rings and mine had my 2 carat sapphire ring.

Jenny said...

How exciting! That's the sweetest story, it even brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for sharing.

Karly said...

Awww! What a sweet way to propose.

wright said...

YEA! That's a great story! So sweet - you are his sunshine!

Gabriel said...

Oh. What a great story! And I loved "Wonderhubby". I "wonder" if my wife would refer to her "hubby" with a name like that... :-)

Me and my wife are singers too, and we met in a choir! I didn't propose in the 'North American way', but I did announce that we were going to get married while we were singing at a wedding in a town 250 km away from home. I had forgotten about that!

Here is my story, hope you like it! :-)

HRH said...

Sooooo sweet. You are a sunshine! That is a great story.

And, yes, I am oblivious much.

OHHHHHHH! No word verification. Today. is. my. best. day. yet.

The Laundress~JJ! said...

Goodness, that's adorable.

The Immoral Matriarch said...


Janet said...

I can see how that might be identifiable. I promise to post our engagement story, but it's not nearly that good.

Karen MEG said...

And he sings!!!!!
What an awesome love story (I read the link) and this proposal was so sweet! Did you manage to sing after that? I would have been blubbering ;)

Burfica said...

That is sooooo sweet.

My husband shoved a ring on my finger, and goes, What do you think?? now pick a date!!!

Real romantic he was. heheheh

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Wonderhubby is most certainly a keeper. So darn sweet!

Oh.my.gawd. I just realized. No word verification. I could hug you right now!

You're pretty darn sweet, too!

Kathryn said...

I'm actually crying! What a perfect proposal! Every girls dream. Wow!!! Way to go Wonderhubby!
That was a great story! Thanks for sharing it. :)

Rachael said...

*squeal* I love proposal stories, and I always cry. I'm such a dork! Nice job to Wonderhubby.

Rebecca said...

I read your meeting story and your engagement story. There was no cheating whatsoever. Just sayin'.

Great stories both. Thanks for participating! :)

Robinella said...

Oh golly, pass the tissues please!!!

Too sweet and I had to catch up on your blog. Been having issues over here.

So YEAH for Roo-Girl on the squad and on your being so annoying. Loved it!

JaniceNW said...

A little bird told me you are about to have a birthday. The bird mentioned you will be 46. I'm 46 and just wanted to express some solidarity. Grin. Were you class of '80 in high school?

What a terrific engagment story. Mine was a "so you wanna get married?" Yeah. I knew he wasn't a romantic.

baby~amore' said...

that is the sweetest proposal on the planet.
What romantic fellow he is - well I hope he still is.

My Little Drummer boys

baby~amore' said...

I have to agree my comments dropped with word verificiation but I was spammmed 88 times by some Jason jerk , the second time, 5 tiems the first time -

argh - what to do ????

Mrs. F said...

Whoa, 500 people? Yikes. I like attention, but wow. Just wow. I would have been so embarrassed. He's lucky you said "Yes", that would have been embarrassing for him otherwise.
I also read the story of how you met. I love that he was stalking you, LOL.
My story is up here

texasholly said...

This one always gives me goosebumps because it is sooooo sweet.

I am also thinking of wearing a button from now on that says, "oblivious much?".

Thanks for linking!

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