Saturday, April 26, 2008

In which I prove that I am the most annoying mom in the universe

I don't really like to blog and run, but that's kinda what I did two weeks ago with my suckitudinal post.

Roo and I recovered nicely from our momentary battle. I no longer feel like the worst parent on the planet -- not because I called my child out on her transgressions -- because she did deserve the calling-out -- but because I really felt like I had done it incorrectly. I had been in a craptastic mood (see Tuesday), and I took it out on her unfairly and meanly.

We have since kissed and made up, which leaves her wide open for reportage of this little gem the day of the honor roll breakfast at school:

Evil Mother: Miss Anne Derstood was so unhappy with her girls recently.

*Yes, Miss Anne, we talk about YOU in our off-hours!*

The Roo-girl: Why?

EM: Well, Thing 1 posted a photo of her sister on her Facebook account. It was kinda bad -- (I gave a brief description here -- and no, I won't explain more).

TRG: Well, ew. That is totally icky ... and awkward!

EM: Yeah, and when she told them to take it down, I guess the girls weren't too pleasant about it either.

TRG: *highly indignant* Hmmph! Does Thing 1 live in Miss Anne's house?

EM: Well, she goes to college, but yes. Kinda like Z-man still lives in ours.

TRG: WELL! If she lives in Miss Anne's house, then she must follow Miss Anne's rules.

EM: Well, yeah. That's how it's supposed to go.

*a brief silence ensued until she saw the backpack on my shoulder*

TRG: Is that your CAMERA??????

EM: Why, yes it is.

TRG: I TOLD you no photography!!!!

EM: Ahem, if you live in my house ...

TRG: Oh, Mom, seriously, you are so annoying!

EM: Yep, you opened that one wide and walked RIGHT IN, my sweet!

TRG: *sigh*

It's good to be queen!

On the other hand, when she doesn't want her picture taken, this is what I get:

See? The most annoying mother in the universe!


The Immoral Matriarch said...


I literally ran from cameras when I was young. :)

Sadie said...

*LOL* Yup...that's what you get for daring to take the camera!! *G* She's still beautiful, though...

Ashley Ladd said...

She's very pretty. I think we all have moments we'd we wish we'd done something differently.

HRH said...

I love that there are more technical ways to torture our kids then in decades past. Now that is a reason for technology.

Jenni said...

Wow, she looks so much like you in this picture!

Beautiful, even with the look!

Janet said...

Nicely done. ANd the picture is still good - I thought she was at a pep rally.

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