Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Just kill me now. It's so much kinder in the long run ...

My feet are bloody stumps.

That's because I spent Monday from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. doing something that gives me the head-shakes.


Now, I do like shopping. Really. I do. I swear.

But I do draw the line at six-hour-plus marathons at the mall with my daughter and my friend J and her daughter (and Roo's friend) A.

We have shopped marathonishly before. And that time, we literally had to buy shoes because all of us had rubbed our feet raw in the shoes we were wearing. (Oh, sure, we could have just gone home -- killjoy!)


So yeah. I should tell you that Roo has been on a mission. We have made at least two previous -- highly unsuccessful -- expeditions to other area malls with no luck.

She has been on the hunt for a dress. Oh but puh-lease. Not just any dress.

THE dress.

The dress for the eighth-grade graduation dance.

She has a definite vision in mind. She does not want to wear black. She does not want to wear white. She, in fact, wants a brightly colored dress. Not floor-length (FLOOR LENGTH?????). Not as long as to the knees -- after all she does have her dignity and reputation to think of.

You know the dress I mean. The perfect one.

The one that exists only in her vivid imagination.

And makes my eyes roll violently around in their sockets.

First, you need to understand that this very important graduation dance is exactly 1 1/2 hours long. Period.

AND I recently bought her a party dress for A's bat mitzvah next month. A goes to a different middle school, is in the seventh grade, has few to no mutual friends with Roo and not a single one of those kids would be at Roo's dance.

Anyone else see a problem here? Anyone else see a problem with the sobbing teen I drove home from the previous mall excursions because the perfect dress from her imagination does. not. exist?

Ah yes. Moving on.

So J, always one for a shopping excursion, suggested that we go looking for Roo's dress together ... at yet a THIRD mall.

Six and a half hours later, we were home.

We had a pair of Abercrombie shorts and a denim skirt. (On sale, please. I NEVER pay full price at Abercrombie -- it's against my religion.)

We had two new bras.

We had some Lancome makeup and an accompanying free tote (compliments of J, for Roo-girl's graduation).

We had a yellow zebra-print top. (Please don't ask.)

We had one pair of underwear (which happened to be in the high school's colors).


We had a dress.

Thank the Lord. There now is a dress for the 90-minute graduation dance.

It's short enough (but not so short that I get the gags).

It's colorful enough (hot pink).

It gives her a shape (please hold me).

I am a slightly poorer mommy.

But Monday, we had success. She did not cry. There was lots of fun and laughter.

She is a happy Roo-girl.

And isn't that what friends are for?


Cathy said...

Roo-girl sounds like me. I always have the image in my mind of exactly what I want and then spend way too much time looking for that.
Can't wait to see a picture of the found dress!

nikki said...

Please, I never pay full price for anything! I can sniff out a clearance sale like nobody's business. Thrift stores fear me too.

Can't wait for pictures of the perfect dress!

Junebug said...

Two daughters later...I remember the days. We shopped and shopped for the ONE dress. We still have several of these dresses in the closet. One blue dress looks just like a Cinderella ball gown. I wish I could wear it, but alas no where to go...

Marmarbug said...

Okay we MUST see this dress!!!!

LceeL said...

It's at moments like this that I realize that the collection of stolen street signs in the garage notwithstanding (anyone need a DIP sign?), the aggregated motorcycle and go kart parts, the missing tools ... I'm still lucky we had boys.

cacklinrose said...

I'm still looking for The Dress.

monkeysandmarbles said...

oh, i hate shopping. with a fiery passion! if i have to go shopping, i have a list of things to get, i look for them, i either find them or not, and then i get the hell out of there as soon as possible.

i think that's why i was meant to have boys! ;-)

congrats on finding "the" dress!

Jen4 @ Amazing Trips said...

What an awesome mom you are!!

I don't think my mother spent more than 5 hours with me in a store >> my ENTIRE life!! :)

RC said...

I'm still looking for my perfect dress, so I understand. And you are a good mom for doing this.

anglophilefootballfanatic said...

It's ONLY JUST BEGUN...she sing songs at you. Wait til next year...when there are about five dances. HAHAHAHAH

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Oye. I am a few short hours away from whining about my weekend with my daughter, and you are making me appreciate the crap she's up to now. I may need to rethink my post. And my stance on kids talking. It is better when they can't, isn't it?

The Laundress~JJ! said...

Oh c'mon, that's fun...stumps and all.

I can't wait to see THE dress!!!!!

wright said...

Oh the hunt for the perfect dress - it is so elusive. But I'm glad you found it!

Immoral Matriarch said...

Ok. So I didn't make it past bloody stumps. That visual killed me. I'm gonna go vomit now.

Rachael said...

Can't wait to see a picture - I'm sure it'll all be worth it when she smiles in the dress. Well, not 100% sure, but I am hoping!

Sarah said...

No crying -$XX...

Happy Roo-Girl - Priceless :D

Glad you had fun in the end...even if your pocketbook is lighter!! Hope your feet recover from the trekking :D

swampy said...

OK, so where's the dress?

Abercrombie? I can NOT set foot in that store. The music drives me insane(r).

Janet said...

I gave up searching for the perfect dress in high school and learned how to sew. And I find a pattern that's close and adjust it to what I want. Someday I'll post pictures of my (second) wedding dress.

wolfqueen2 said...

Ah! "The Perfect dress" How well I remember. Thank God I only had one daughter. But a happy Roo-girl is very important. My daughter call her son that too. It is a small world. LOL no not Roo-girl just Roo.

Tranny said...

Ok, I'm coming over here at urging from AnglophileFF - she tells me you rawck.

So here I am. I LOATHE loathe shopping. I'm terrified my hypothetical next pregnancy will hold a girl child and not another boy child. I cannot CANNOT deal with clothing drama. Because I'd end up saying, "Um - you wear this thing I'm suggesting or you wear a burqa. Those are your choices."

My eighth grade dance? I was such a loser - it was a "casual" dance and we were supposed to wear jeans. And I went with a guy who was totally hawt but I was terrified of him (because he was hawt) so he spent the whole dance on one side of the room while I stood on the other and huddled with my friends and never talked to him.

C said...

I have three girls and two boys. Two girls are adults now but I know that routine well...I've been thru all the proms, dances, and shopping for school colored underwear. My youngest daughter is 7 so I have two boys in the middle who will give me a mall break for a few years...then it all begins again. I wouldn't trade it for the world though! :)


Canadian flake said...

lol I remember having this problem 2 yrs ago when gremlin #1 graduated...in the end she looked so beautiful, I cried. This year it is #2's turn...his only concern is that he DOESN"T have to wear a tie..lmao.

Robinella said...

I wish I could sew and sew well. I always have a image in my mind and can draw it, but I can't sew. Glad you found THE ONE.

Joy T. said...

It gets SO much easier the older they get too *snort*

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