Thursday, May 29, 2008

OK. It's time to grow up. Seriously

I had a totally different Drama King post prepared for today -- all about the overthrowing of the same-sex marriage ban, blah blah blah.

It was sweet and treacly and full of rainbows and unicorns.

And then he opened his mouth (well, his keyboard, really) and reminded me a little of why I threw him out of my house more than two years ago. 'Tude much?

Wonderhubby has been working at a brand-new, not-yet-opened restaurant close to DK's boyfriend's apartment.

Which, no surprise, is where DK has been living most of the time. But his job (waiter) is at a chain restaurant closer to HIS apartment -- which is about 30 miles away. The official move-in-and-give-up-his-apartment date is July 1. Gas is more than $4 a gallon and climbing.

Needed: new job in the new neighborhood.

Enter Wonderhubby, who always is thinking about my kids and their well-being and who provides dates, times, locations and names for the open-call interview process.

DK sounded jazzed about it all -- the location, the high-endedness (better tips), blah blah, la la la.

Fast forward to Wednesday, the day of the open call. Wonderhubby was working at the unopened restaurant and sent me a text to say there were LOTS of people at the restaurant filling out apps.

So I get on instant messenger:

Evil Mother: drama king .... wonderhubby says there are LOTS of people putting applications in at that restaurant.

Evil Mother: are you going there soon?

Drama King: I don't have a resume

Evil Mother: dk..... jeeezus

Evil Mother: GO THERE and fill out an app

Evil Mother: seriously

Evil Mother: wait staff doesnt need a resume. fill out an application

*insert radio silence here*

Evil Mother: answer me

Drama King: I'm going. Sheesh

Evil Mother: either you try to better yourself or you DONT

Evil Mother: and i'm really tired of the bitching and moaning

Evil Mother: w/out the ACTION

Drama King: What bitching? I don't say boo to you

Evil Mother: whatever. you need medical insurance. you need dental. you need to stop having (car loan company) call my house. it's about 2 or 3 times a day.

Drama King: Oh. Right. I forgot. You haven't told me how worthless I am lately.

Evil Mother: knock that shit off.

Evil Mother: wonderhubby found you an opportunity and you weren't going to go.

Evil Mother: meanwhile, when you dont make your car payment, i get multiple messages a day from (car loan company).

Evil Mother: WHICH i do NOT generally bother you about. until you get pissy about trying to better yourself

Evil Mother: there were 2 on my answering machine yesterday. one male, one female

Evil Mother: so. if you want a job close to (Rocky's city), here is an opportunity at a high-end restaurant where the tips will be bigger

Evil Mother: you're welcome.

I then closed my AIM and went out to lunch. Grrrrrr. I was mad mad mad.

Apparently he was, too.

Because when I came back, I found this away message on his account:

Parenthood means never having to say you're sorry.

Oh, bite me.


wright said...

What are you talking about? I thought this post was all sweet and full of rainbows! :-)

Hope DK comes to his senses and gets his a$$ in gear. He is lucky that you are trying to help. Someday he'll realize that.

swampy said...

Does parenthood also mean never having to say you're sorry after you whack those kiddos up-side the head?

Immoral Matriarch said...

*Shakes fist*

I wanna know the answer to swampy's question - and if it applies to other people's adult children.

LceeL said...

The only difference between my oldest and DK is my guy ain't ... a Drama King.

Jenni said...

No, parenthood means never having to hear "Thank you". It is often a thankless job and that part bites. Isn't if funny how one little bit of gratitude or a sweet gesture can pretty much erase all those nasty moments? I'll try to remember that today when 15yodd is up and around whining because she has nothing to do and it's summer vacation.


I hope he realizes how great of a mom he really does have, that always looks out for his interest. He should have been all over that oppurtunity..let us know if he did indeed get his app in there.

nikki said...

Give the car loan company DK's phone number.

Canadian flake said...

ughhhhhhhh I was hoping you would tell me they get LESS attitude as they get older...this does not inspire much faith in me (re:the Hang in there...misery in parenthood loves company..lmao.

Sarah said...

Oh joy. But then again...he ain't called Drama King for nothing, right?

anglophilefootballfanatic said...

Okay. He's 24, right? He's pondering getting married. He needs to grow up and mature before he gets married. And, he needs to cut his mother some slack. Give the car people his cell. That will get his butt in gear.

Burfica said...

so even as they get older, we still want to bend them over our knee and beat the ever loving shit out of them??

oh goody something to look forward too. hahahahahaha

Sandy C. said...

Ugh, I don't look forward to this stage. I hope he gets in gear and goes an applies.

Catwoman said...

So I don't get it... Exactly why do you call him Drama King?

'Cause I don't see no drama here, at all, no sirree. Just a normal child's hissy fit.

What's that? DK isn't a toddler?

Oh. Ok, fine. Touche, know-it-all mom.

Hopefully you at least guilted him into applying. Because that's what motherhood REALLY is about.

Motherhood for Dummies said...

I have to admit that I what to know the answer to the question.

Marmarbug said...

Oh my goodness. Is DK related to my brother? I swear he is the same way. 28, no job, no career path and anytime we remind him that HE has to do something about it he gets all defensive like we are picking on him.
Yeah I'll pick on him! If he askes ot borrow money while I go to work then yeah I'll tell him.

Mr Lady said...

At least you know, for sure, that when they circumcised him, they left his BALLS intact.

Janet said...

I'm laughing so hard over what Mr. Lady said I can hardly type.
I agree, give the loan company his phone number. I'm assuming the loan is actually in his name. Let them repossess the car. That may be what it takes to wake him up. And in 20 years when the Queen is doing this to me (as I know she will), please promise you'll still be around to let me cry on your shoulder.

Swistle said...

I read your posts and I think, "Everyone who says 'Don't worry, it gets easier' is FULL OF IT." But also: I laugh.

HRH said...

I think you are on to something...Parenthood means you say bite me alot.

So did he go?

Please tell me he went.

I don't want to have to come over there...

Rachael said...

Gee, I can't wait until my kid talks to me like that in 15 years... sigh...

MasterK said...

sounds to me like the two of you have some issues to work out. you're not exactly innocent here. just my two cents.

Dory said...

Janet is too innocent here.

Robinella said...

Great! I've been waiting for mine to grow up so I don't have to worry about them and then BAM! you burst my bubble.

You did your job, Janet and did it well! Pat your back and let him fail if need be.

A Mom Two Boys said...

I love your family.

Joy T. said...

Oh geez-louise I don't know who Mr. Lady is but I just spit tea all over my monitor reading that comment LOLOLOL And COMPLETELY forgot what I was going to write now!

Blue Momma said...

Sorry. I still love you and still want to be adopted.

However, I am not gay and do not have a job at all. I'd consider switching teams if you'd adopt me, though,

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