Monday, July 21, 2008

Fun Monday: the what do you want to be when you grow up edition

Irish Coffeehouse wants to pick our brains about our career choices.

THEN: As a child day dreaming of what your future would hold for you, what did you want to be when you grew up? Did you ever pursue or achieve it?

NOW: If you could be trained and placed in any career beginning tomorrow, what would it be?
Ah, then ...

THEN, I wanted to be a mommy and have lots of children. I even wrote about it when I was in second grade.

THEN, I wanted to be a teacher.


When I started high school, for some reason that I can't even remember, I applied to the journalism class. My friend was doing it, so I guess that's why, although I literally have NO MEMORY of actually turning in a completed application. The class was a year of being a "cub reporter" and then full-on staff of the high school paper.

Anyway, you might think that was the beginning of my long, illustrious, uninterrupted journalism career.

Wrong, my fine friends.

I spent my sophomore year as a cub and my junior and senior years on the staff of my high school newspaper. My first year in college I ventured into the world of the campus newsroom, wrote one story and left.

Why? *shrug* Dunno. I was done, I think.

My new direction was ... preschool or lower primary school teacher. I threw myself into a psychology major and even taught preschool for several months as part of a class.

The plan was to apply to education school and get a teaching credential.

Senior year began, and I collected applications.

I filled them out.

Then I got to the essay: "Why do you want to go to education school?"

And I could. not. think. of. a. single. reason.

That sound you heard was the screeching of brakes as I turned the Janet car around 180 degrees.

Back to my "roots," so to speak.

I enrolled in the communications department classes and applied to journalism programs. Stat.

And never looked back.

Which brings full circle to ...


If I could do it all again and jump, fully trained, into a new career tomorrow, I would ...

*drumroll please*

Be a teacher.

But I would specifically teach music programs for preschoolers, which is something I posted about before. It's still something I am trying to put together. Some day.

If I could have a pipedream career, it would be to have success as a singer. A real one. With a recording contract and a tour.

But for now, I guess I'll just have to continue to grind away at my job at the failing newspaper biz.

If I had only known ...

Now go check out what the other Fun Monday players think about their careers then and now.


karisma said...

Wow! You sure did run around in a circle! But I bet it was fun! You should go for that pre-school teaching music thing! I imagine it would be so rewarding.

I like your wanting to be a mommy dream! You sure achieved that one. My second daughter also feels that way. She says she is not interested in a career whatsoever, she just wants babies. I hope she meets the right person and fulfills that dream.

I think being a mommy is the most rewarding career of all!

Robocop said...

Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, fun , fun! At least you settled down to what you wanted. Those little ones need all the help they can get.

Melissa said...

I wanted to be a lawyer, then a professional musician.

I ended up doing real estate finance until I stayed home with the kids.

Then I started playing the cello again. Here's hoping!

Hootin' Anni said...

I love your pipe dream career. I'd buy your CDs. What KIND of vocalist? Classical, Blues, Rock? Inquiring minds wanna know?!!!

Come by if you can find time. Have a super-duper Monday.

Sarah said...

Those are really quite the U-turns :) Sounds like you had an interesting time deciding what you wanted to do.

Have you thought about being a "guest journalist" or similar to a school - bet they would find that fascinating and might give you the introduction in to the classroom that sounds like it might be fun! I do this as a "guest scientist" in primary and secondary schools - tis great to see the children interacting with someone that isn't their every day teacher, and the teachers really like having the imput of a different professional.

Great FM post, thanks :)

iPost said...

You did enough 180's there to be a hip hop dancer on MTV for goodness sakes! Teaching-journalism-teaching-journalism-teaching. It is all very dizzy.

nikki said...

I'd totally go to your concerts!

I had thought about being a special ed teacher for a while or even an art therapist.

HRH said...

You are a rock star to me.

To prove it I have something for you at my place.

LceeL said...

I think you would have been an incredible and nurturing teacher.

Jenni said...

I wanted to be a veterinarian, then a journalist, then an English or history teacher at an inner city high school (influence of too many movies on location). My senior year of high school one of my favorite teachers (history) pissed me off by saying (in the midst of a class discussion) that I would never make it as a history teacher. He, and ex-cop and an assistant basketball coach at the school, said that schools usually choose history teachers that are men and can double as coaches. He went on to say that I might have a chance as a woman if I could coach but that was unlikely enough and I wasn't athletic. Even if there's some truth to that, he was a jerk to say it. I repaid him later with a class comment of my own (not intended as revenge), but that's another story.

I did become a teacher, sorta. I can't say this on my own blog, but after homeschooling my own kids and teaching co-op classes, I like teaching other people's kids better. So give me the bad mommy of the year award already! I like teaching my kids a lot of the time, but the dynamic is different. My kids will give me crap that they would never think of giving anyone else and it's hard being mom and teacher at the same time. I have thought about going to college in this next stage of my life, and I have even thought of becoming a teacher. However, I have seen enough of how the public education system works to turn me off from it. Teachers have to spend so much time teaching to tests and doing all the things that insure a certain standard is being attained and all the bases are covered that it sucks the joy out of learning. If there was a way to teach, I don't know, more "organically" or something without all the crap and if I felt I could really spend time paying attention to each student's needs and bring the best out of each of them, I might do it. It's a lot of time and money to spend for a career which is underpaid and stressful if it isn't going to be what I really want anyway.

What do I want to be when I grow up? I haven't a clue. I think I'll keep blogging and writing long winded comments on other people's blogs to fulfill some of that earlier longing for a career in journalism. I'll let dd take over the dream of being a vet.

Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

I think it's funny how we take one path, explore it & then wish we'd chosen the other. I could kick my own ass for not going through with law school.

Irish Coffeehouse said...

You really should pursue the music thing. I think you'd do great in any of the formats that interest you. But I think the music teacher one would be the most fun- at least imo I think so. :)

Aoj and The Lurchers said...

Nothing like going full circle!!

ChrisB said...

I somehow missed that post you did back in February so I enjoyed reading it. Seems you would be perfect for the music teaching programme!
Now if you achieved your pipe dream we could boast about how we know you!!

Burfica said...

I had always wanted to be a wife and mom too. And I am.

I did have two colleges offer me scholarships. One a music college (I sang) and I was guaranteed the part of the mother in fiddler on the roof, and the other college being one for horse training and they job placed you after two years.

with my mothers health I couldn't go to either. I chose to take care of her, nobody else was going to do it. And so I chose this path. Right now I'm happy with my life, so I guess it was a good path.

Molly said...

When you do go on tour as singer, let me know when you are in Chicago. I will bring my family and friends, and maybe you could hook me up with some backstage passes. Take care.

Faye said...

Why am I surprised that there are so many journalism types in the blogosphere? Have to enjoy writing and reporting to have a good blog--duh!

Good luck with the preschool music program. For sure you'll have engaged students!

susan said...

Go for it! There is a niche for preschool music, you just need to find the right venue.

Around here there is something called Kindermusic. It came when my kids were too old, but it might be worth a google to use as a model. Also, our library system has people come in for kid's programs. I don't know what the pay is, but it would be great exposure! Oh, city goverment classes. (look at me, getting all excited over your dream!)

Alison said...

I think you have the talent to be a singer, your voice is amazing. I also love your idea for the preschool music program...I think you should go for it!!

Pamela said...

perform at the local coffee house --- and invite all us bloggers!!

Sandy C. said...

Wow! That is incredible the turns you took. I can see you as an amazing teacher...or a famous crooner :)

BS said...

Teacher ... me too! I was never very good at writing, but I think I would do OK with something that was already written (to teach, that is)

Bren said...

I always wanted to be a cop. Instead, I married one.

Debs said...

I taught pre school too, and I loved it. I so miss it! I want to be teacher when I grow up. :D

Rachael said...

Isn't it funny to look back? I wanted to be a HS English Teacher, then after HS realized I did not want to spend the rest of my life in high school. Don't want to be a professor either. Community college english teacher would be great, but I ended up in HR with a business degree. Now I'm part time HR and full time Mom, but sometimes I still think about teaching. I might do it someday.

My if I could do anything job is sorta close to yours, except I'd star in musicals on broadway.

Kaytabug said...

Oh Wow! I hope you get to be a teacher someday!! I wish everyone that wants to teach could teach!

Janet said...

When I was a kid I wanted to be an actor. And over the years I took several classes and trained and that's what I would do. My actual jobs were never ever anything I wanted or loved, but they were "practical." Never listen to your elders. They're wrong.

grace said...

wow...for some reason I never dreamed of being a mommy, but now I love it..being a mommy is very rewarding

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