Friday, July 11, 2008

Haiku Friday: Happy birthday to my baby

Haiku Friday

Fourteen years ago
The Roo-girl made her debut.
No stopping her now ...

Roo-girl, you are -- again -- the last of the Mohicans. The last one to get a birthday post during my first year of blogging.

Oh, I really wanted to do a full-on post in haiku for you, Rooty, and even though I had plenty of advance warning, I didn't get to it.

I thought I'd have more time.

This is a birthday you have looked forward to with great anticipation, as I have promised to relax the restriction on dating.

I thought I'd have more time.

You have grown into a beautiful young woman with ambition and goals, a sense of humor and a firm sense of self.

I thought I'd have more time.

You greet each day with a look ahead. I greet it the same -- except I also look back.

Back to my sweet baby and her sweet baby kisses.

Back to the fatherless toddler.

Back to the adored little sister.

Back to the tiny cheerleader going up in her very first stunt ... and then back to the first back handspring.

Back to the middle-schooler with straight A's.

Back to a bat mitzvah girl who made us proud.

I thought I'd have more time.

As you enter the next phase of your life -- as a high school freshman and a talented athlete -- you have one hand reaching firmly toward the future, even while I try to hold tightly to the other.

I really thought I'd have more time.

But I don't. I only have the fleeting, magic moments. The photos. The memories. The shopping.

I wish I had more time. But I have to be satisfied with the precious, precious time I have had. And oh, am I ever ...

Happy birthday, my darling girl.


Rachel said...

What a beautiful girl. Happy birthday Roo girl!!
Sometimes, you can't break it down into 5-7-5, you need so much more than that.

ChrisB said...

Happy Birthday Roo Girl, have a great birthday :)

CrackerJacks said...

Beautiful Haiku and Story!

nikki said...

Damn hormones. I'm tearing up here.

Happy Birthday Roo girl!

The Laundress said...

Now you've gone and made me cry.

Happy Birthday Beautiful Roo.

LceeL said...

There are times when the Haiku is too terse - when you cannot fully express what is in your heart and mind. This, apparently, is one of them. She's a lovely young woman.

Happy Birthday, Roo Girl.

karisma said...

Happy Birthday Roo Girl! May there be many more!

And don't we all wish there was more time! They grow far too fast!

maggies mind said...

Aw, so sweet. Happy, happy birthday to beautiful Roo-girl!!

Melissa said...


I'm all teary, too. She is just so beautiful. Are you *sure* you want to lift that dating restriction? said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FAVORITE LITTLE JOEY KANAROO! Who, oddly, doesn't even know we exist. I hope you took a pill to help you get through today, J. And, did anyone question the arrival of a tall dark and green fella?

Karen of Sillymonkeez said...

Hope she has a great birthday! She's a full-fledged teenager now. Good luck!!!

robinellablog said...

Oh, Mama! Hugs and kisses!

Alison said...

Happy Birthday Roo Girl..enjoy your special day!!

Kaytabug said...

If Nikki is tearing up what is my excuse?

Happy Birthday Roo Girl!

I want more time too!

abritdifferent said...

Beautiful post and sweet Haiku. What a beautiful daughter you have. Time to get the big sticks ready for when she's dating those boys.

VDog said...

Awww, you're making me tear up!! Stop that!!

Happy Birthday, Roo Girl!

Burfica said...


Happy Birthday Roo Girl!!!!

We all think we will have more time, and they just grow up so fast right in front of our eyes. If we blink we will miss it.

Okay dam, that post made me sappy too.

Sandy C. said...

Happy Birthday Roo Girl!
*sniff* Sorry, Aunt Flo is getting to me today.

Beautifully haiku'd. There really isn't enough time..

Janet said...

Happiest of days to your beautiful daughter.

Mom24 said...

Oh my gosh! So beautiful. I can totally relate. Happy Birthday to your girl. Isn't it awful how fast the time goes?

Joyce said...

Happy Birthday to your dear Roo girl. <3

Janet said...

That was lovely. You should print that out on fancy paper with pretty printing and give it to her. She should hear it.

Rachael said...

What a great post. You should print it out and give it to her, I agree. My Mom wrote me a letter when I graduated high school and I still (10 years later) keep it on my nightstand and read it periodically. Happy Birthday Roo!

Janet said...

Happy belated birthday, Roo girl!

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