Saturday, July 12, 2008

I don't like / I like

Something that makes me insane:

People who don't think before they open their mouths and give away the twist in a movie you haven't seen yet.

Like Mr. ADHD Man at work. Who approached my deskmate and asked about the twist in "Hancock," told him to write it down so no one had to hear it ...

And then blabbed it out loud anyway.


Reminds me of when "The Empire Strikes Back" was about to be released (1980 -- I'm old). The movie critic, entertainment editor and a bunch of others had seen a preview and commented that Darth Vader was Luke's father. (Oh, I didn't give it away for ya, did I?)

I hadn't seen the movie yet (because it hadn't been released yet!!) and was a dedicated "Star Wars" geek. So THANKS, guys ...

Something that makes me happy:

New software update for my iPhone.

For the zillions of several zero people who worried that I had received my iPhone just before the announcement of the new, cheaper 3g model, fear not.

The 2.0 software rocks. And I get it just for sitting here like a duchess.

And the $199 price for the new phone includes a $10 increase in the MONTHLY fee from AT&T, which, over the course of a two-year contract, adds up to more than we paid for my phone.

There are now third-party applications that are free. FREE, I say!! Games. AOL Instant Messenger. Pandora.


Almost makes up for having the secret of "Hancock" revealed prematurely.


Jenni said...

Eh, that's what you get for being a Star Wars geek:oD Now, if he had spoiled a good movie, that would be different.

Burfica said...

we have some friends that we refuse to watch movies with. If they have seen them before, they will either pause them and tell you the next part, or just blurt it out.

If they haven't seen it before, they still talk through the whole movie as if they are in the movie. Drives me banana nuts!!!!!

The Laundress said...

totally commenting from my brand spankin new iPhone!!!!!
You are the first blog I've read on my cutesey phone!

VDog said...

You're making me glad I can't afford an iPhone???

And wha?? Hancock??

Glad to hear we're both Star Wars geeks, though!

Pamela said...

oh man I want an I phone.

Marmarbug said...

I want to know the Hancock twist. You should tell me. I never get to the movies anymore.
And awesome on the Iphone. I LOVE PANDORA!!!! I am so addicted to it.

Janet said...

The last time I read a movie review was when Kevin Costner's version of Robin Hood came out, and they gave away the uncredited cameo appearance. I was so mad. Of course, I may be the only person on the planet who actually liked that movie.
We saw the previews for Hancock when we went to see Indiana Jones, and we both confessed to being interested in seeing it.

I don't want an iPhone. I can barely work the $50 motorola I just got. And I'm annoyed about the $40 monthly fee. I'll like it better as soon as I can download Immigrant Song as my ringtone.

Janet said...

Have you seen Hancock? Even if the ending is revealed, the eye candy is still up on screen in all his glory.

Damn, Will Smith is HOT!

Jenni said...

Oooh, Janet and a fancy Iphone! Good for you. Have fun with it!

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