Tuesday, July 8, 2008

She was born ... therefore we celebrate

The Roo-girl is taking a flying leap this weekend -- cheer camp, you know.

And with her birthday coming up on Friday, we decided to celebrate her special day with one of those amazing all-skate family dinners this past Sunday instead.

Ah, yes. You DO know what's coming, don't you?

Surprise! You DON'T.

Because my children? Were amazingly well-behaved.

Oh sure, Roo-girl informed everyone that she can no longer eat corn.

And of course, there were many recountings of how the Roo-girl was going to turn into a boy on her next birthday (something her brothers have tormented her with since she was 7).

Naturally, there was a moment when the subject of Angelina Jolie came up and the Drama King reminded us: "Still gay."

And let's not forget ... uh ... the thing that I forgot. Which I would blame on my advanced CRS disease (Can't Remember Shit), except that I asked both Z-man and Roo about one specific incident and, although they don't have advanced age to blame it on, THEY CAN'T REMEMBER EITHER.

And, well, you know it wouldn't be dinner with my kids if there hadn't been poking. And insults. And teasing. And torture. And, frankly, the spraying of liquids out of noses.

Wait. Did I say they were well-behaved? Hmph. I guess everything is relative.


Tink said...

You have such a cute family. My Mom can never get a picture of ours without SOMEONE making a face. ;)

Btw, do you know what book I started reading this weekend and instantly became obsessed with? Twilight. Yeah, the shit is catching.

Marmarbug said...

AWWW! I love the family shot. And everytime I eat corn now I think of the story, but I am sick like that and eat it anyways.

Immoral Matriarch said...

Wait wait are those ALL your kids??

Robin said...

GREAT picture! Happiest of birthdays to the Roo-girl :).

Catwoman said...

Is that a picture of the Duggar clan? Except without the bad clothing and with more fun and rude comments?

So in other words, nope, not the Duggars.

And happy brithday to Roo girl!

LceeL said...

Happy Birthday, Roo Girl. She is so cute!!

Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

Is that girlfriend who should be DIL? She's perty! And, they behaved? Did you mace them? Or put those dog bark collars on? Did Carl show up?

Alison said...

Happy birthday Roo girl...I would love to attend one of these dinners!! why does J girl have the "deer in the headlights" look??

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday RG!!! Sounds like dinner was your usual great time!!

robinellablog said...

I biggied it and they are all so beautious!

Happy Bday to your Roo-Girl this Friday!!

Judith Shakespeare said...

One day, I will have dinner with your family... I won't even complain if they behave. :)

Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus) said...

The spraying of liquids from noses is defnitely a family dinner must. ;-)

Kaytabug said...

Happy Birthday Roo Girl on Friday!
I had some corn on the cob tonight. It was delicious! It came from the Farmers Market!

Crazed Mom said...

Sounds like a ton of fun. Happy Birthday Roo!

Janet said...

Happy Birthday Roo-Girl.
And yes, the Girlfriend who should be daughter-in-law is quite lovely!

Rachael said...

Happy birthday to Roo! Great picture.

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