Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Random acts of blondness, part the sixth

I thought it was time that I had an actual logo for this topic.

The Roo-girl actually does own this shirt. And when I googled images for "random acts of blondness" to logo'ize myself, I ... uh ... found my own blog.



The state of California tests all its students on standardized exams, starting in about the third grade. At least in our neck of the woods.

The testing is a big pain. It takes a couple of days every spring, and results are mailed home ... oh ... about the time school starts up again. Timely. Very very timely. *snort*

Seeing as it's almost time for school, it stands to reason that results arrived over the past weekend.

The Roo-girl is a smart cookie -- this we know -- although she doesn't always test well on standardized tests.

So I'm always fascinated to see how she does every year. Sometimes she does very very well; sometimes there are random blips on the radar.

This year, I was pleased to see she did well across the board.

See? Advanced in every subject.

Hey. Wait a second. What's THIS????

Yes, my daughter did not put her name on her math test.

God help me.


nikki said...

Ha! I'd do that. Or I put my name on and that would be the only question I got right.

Crazed Mom said...

How stupid are the test graders??????????????????????

LceeL said...

Duh, it used to be I couldn't spell 'test grader' and now I are one. Yuk. Yuk.

Sarah said...

Well...it could be worse. She could have spelled her name wrong...:D

Jenni said...

As former homeschoolers, this has been one of the biggest struggles for my kids--not all the extra testing, but remembering to put their names on their papers! You can't expect a teacher with 20-30 new students each year to recognize each child's handwriting.

texasholly said...

OMG. Seriously. OMG.

Oh, and I need one of those t-shirts...and so do you if you found it on your own BLOG...

Domestic Spaz said...

LOL! I have two words for that. One is bovine and the other is fecal.

I left you bloggy love today. :)

Sandy C. said...

Oh man. So sorry. Better now than on the SAT's I suppose.

Rachie said...

bwhaha! that is a major funny

Burfica said...

OMG well my son is in that catagory. But he brings home test of other peoples, not even his. gahhhhh lol

and not even similar names. lmao

Kelley said...

We have that here. Sucks. Cause dude, what is the fing point?

I wanna see a test of awesomeness. THAT would be useful!

Janet said...

Sheesh. I am so NOT looking forward to school.

Kaytabug said...

tee hee!
We have to wait for these results too!

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