Saturday, August 23, 2008

What goes around comes around: variations on the theme

There's nothing more fun that watching your older children take an interest in the wellbeing of their younger siblings.

It's ESPECIALLY amusing when the one with the interest is the one who, while growing up, gave you the most grief, the most reason to worry, ended up being the one you threw out into the cold on Christmas night 2005 and since has become the prodigal son.

Witness this instant-message exchange between me and my second-born.

Drama King: Howre things in your neck o the universe?

Evil Mother: not too bad. busy but handleable

Drama King: Cool, cool. How's Roo-girl? Dating? Hehe

Evil Mother: *snort*

Drama King: Is she as emo as I was at 14?

Evil Mother:


Drama King: Is that a yes?

Evil Mother: yes. altho she denies the emo'ishness

Drama King: Is she giving me a run for my crown?

Evil Mother: she is giving you a run for the crown of moody hormonal drama queen :-P

Drama King: Hey, now. I am not a queen. Drama prince, perhaps. Or king, if you'd rather. Not queen.

Evil Mother: ah yes.

We interrupt this conversation to have a little internal monologue:

So ... does he KNOW about my blog? Unknown. Interesting that he should dub himself the Drama King ...

And how weird is this really to talk to the original emo boy about his hormonal sister?

Back to the conversation at hand:

Evil Mother: got any hints on dealing with a 14-year-olds who lock themselves in their rooms?

Drama King: Lots of ibuprofen

Drama King: Hehe

Evil Mother: more like lots of vodka

Drama King: That too

Evil Mother: i dont know how i lived through it before.

Evil Mother: killin' me now.

Drama King: What's Roo-girl's issue? Nobody likes her at school or something?

Evil Mother: boys

Evil Mother: girl likes boy. boy just isn't into girl. girl persists. boy shuts her down. girl cries a million tears.

Drama King: Hehehe

Drama King: Sorry... not funny

Evil Mother: but i'm not supposed to know. it's just that i have my sources.

Drama King: Your sources? What'd you do, bribe a girlfriend?

Evil Mother: no. i have my ways

Drama King: Mysteeeeeeerious

Evil Mother: yeeeeeesssssssssssssss

After all, protecting your sources is, like, the first rule of journalism, ya know?


Junebug said...

I really like your interruption for internal dialogue.

Burgh Baby said...

I'm pretty sure that whole conversation just goes to prove that you will survive the teen years with Roo, and go on to have mocking conversations about the teen years with her. If you can come full circle with Drama King, you can do it with Roo. As long as you survive, that is.

Judith Shakespeare said...

I think that burgh baby is a genius and perfectly right in this instance.

You got this in the bag, hon (even if it is a paper one and the milk's leaking through the corner). :)

Mr Lady said...

Do you realize how much hope you are giving me for my life 12 years from now, when I have a 20 year old son (who is the whiniest little emo bitch in the whole world right now) (He's not a bitch) (You know what I mean) and a 14 year old GIRL?

Way to be the light at the end of my tunnel, sister.

LceeL said...

Just don't tell Mr Lady that the twists and turns in the tunnel are different for EVERYBODY. And each kid. I mean, if the kids were all alike - then it WOULD be easy.

Immoral Matriarch said...

Burgh Baby stole my comment. NOT. COOL.

Sandy C. said...

Dialog aside, I am WAY impressed with your texting skillz.

I still spell out everything.

Karen MEG said...

Yah, you rule on the texting capabilities.

And heh, I'll have the same problem as Mr. Lady in 12 years. I guess things are really just getting started...

Kaytabug said...

the internal interruption not only was brilliant but it was the content that had me ROLLIN'!!!!

So just cuz he's not into drag is what disqualifies him from being a Queen? Inquiring minds and all!

Might I also offer up that as the most terrible teenager a mother could ask for, my Mom and I can joke about it now and have the closest relationship!!! Your post comparing Roo to Regan(Exorcist)my Mom could have written. Not to say that she has the gift you have for writing just the feelings were the same!

Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

I think perhaps you've been found out. He's subtle, ain't he?

Janet said...

When the Queen is 14, DeBoy will be 12. I'll be 56, and probably in the middle of menopause (based on family history). It will NOT be pretty.

And that aside, if I tried to text message a conversation it would take me 14 hours.

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