Thursday, October 16, 2008

Boys and girls together

The Roo-girl: Omigod, E is so annoying. She's making me SOOO mad

Evil Mother: Why? What is she doing?

The Roo-girl: She has a boyfriend.

Evil Mother and Wonderhubby: *in unison* Ohhhhhhhhh.

The Roo-girl: Yeah. And she is SO obnoxious. That's all she talks about.

Evil Mother: Yeah, so?

The Roo-girl: Well, it's annoying. And everytime they're near each other, there is always a part of them that is touching.

Wonderhubby: Yeah, and? That's the way this works.

The Roo-girl: Well, it's gross. And, like, I started to tell her something really great, and she stopped me and said, "Omigod, N gave me the most AMAZING kiss after lunch."

Evil Mother: Yeah, so?

The Roo-girl: Well ... everybody thinks she's obnoxious.

Wonderhubby: Ya wanna stop her? Take her boyfriend away.

Evil Mother: *snort*

The Roo-girl: WHAT??

Evil Mother: Oh, Roo-girl. You know you shouldn't do THAT ... after all, bros before hos. Or whatever the female version of that should be.

The Roo-girl: Oh, you mean bitches before douchebags?

Perhaps I should have added that to my "Top 10 signs she's growing up" post.

Or not.

My head hurts.


Karen said...

1. I'm glad that Roo finds touching disgusting. At least when other people do it in public. Let's hope she remembers this when she takes the douchebag.

2. I'm glad that my daughter refused to even hold hands with her boyfriend of many long months. Of course, that may be why he broke up with her, too.

3. Bitches before douchebags is a very good motto. I may have to adpot that.

LceeL said...

Excuse me. I resemble that remark.

Eternal Sunshine said...

OMG! Like - this is the funniest thing EVER!

OK, seriously, I can only hope that my kids hate touching that much!

She is most definitely growing up.

nikki said...

I really need to remember that phrase. The kid cracks me up.

(PS- I haven't been ignoring your blog. Bloglines however has been. The fucker.)

Kaytabug said...

I agree with Nikki!Stupid Bloglines!!
I love her female equivalent of that phrase! Ok so I take it back, there is no boy, YET!! ;)

Janet said...


Now THERE's a turn of phrase! I'm glad she thinks PDA is gross. I know how she feels. All through high school I was the only boyfriendless one and it got old quick. However, it didn't help them because I am now the only one not married to a jerk.

Zoeyjane said...

That may have just become my favourite new phrase.

Momisodes said...


I always leave here learning something new. ;)

Jaina said...

Lol, never heard that one. Heard chicks before dicks...but never that one.

Rachel said...

Bitches before Douchebags, oh my gawd!! That is brilliant and she is so your freaking kid!!

Love it.

kouji haiku said...

i think my head hurts as well. :O

Joanna said...

Okay, I just choked on my tea - I didn't see that one coming.

Connie said...

I love her!

I was E when I was growing up. And I don't want to raise an E. How does one raise a girl to think boys are gross?

Tutorial please!

Jenn And The City said...

Bitches before douchebags. That needed a beverage alert. Too funny!

Suzanne said...

I'm so very glad I wasn't drinking anything. Otherwise, I would have either choked or spewed!

Roo Girl is wise beyond her years!

Marmarbug said...

LMAO! OMG! I am sure you had teh look of shock on your face after that one!

Burgh Baby said...

I positively LOVE that she thinks public touching is gross. That bodes well for your immediate future, you know. You just have to make sure she never gets any time OUT of public.

Kelley said...

OMG! That is hysterical!

And totally could have been a conversation here.

Janet said...

I learn something every day. Biches before douchebags, ya'll. ;)

robinellablog said...

Is she just mad cause she isn't gushing over a beau right now or is she not totally interested in it yet? If it is #2, that's refreshing!

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