Friday, October 24, 2008

Haiku Friday: the wow can they TALK edition

Haiku Friday

Wow, girls talk a lot
when they are all together.
Did I say ... A LOT???

I'm trapped in a car
with three cheerleaders gone wild!
Oh please make it stop!

"She's such a slut-ho."
"Did you see them sucking face???"
"I'm so over her ..."

"I don't do homework."
"I'm not going to college."

"My job really sucks."
"Did you see her ugly dress?"
"That guy is SO hot!"

They can't stop talking,
And I can't hear myself think.
Blah blah blah blah blah!


Kelley said...

Bwaaaaaa haaaaa haaaaaaaaa!


But we don't have cheerleaders here.

Otherwise, yup.

monica said...

too true!! they have words to use. many, many words!!

Lunch Buckets said...

I LOVE it when I'm driving a car full of kids that talk talk talk because for some reason they don't seem to realize I can actually hear them - I get some of my best recon that way!

Karen said...

Oh, yes. I had not cheerleaders, either. Mine were Girl Scouts until they graduated from high school. I usually had a carload of them, and they could really talk. A lot.

abritdifferent said...

I'm so glad there weren't any cheerleaders in Scotland...

That was so funny, thanks for the crack up and your ears' expense! I don't miss my formative years, but I really miss the energy level.

secret agent mama said...

OMG, Slut-ho, LOL!!!!!

This gave me an early morning chuckle. Girls, girls, girls.

LceeL said...

My wife has five sisters. They rarely are all in the same place at the same time. But OMG, when it happens, it's like 6 teenage snotty, bratty, picky, jealous, egocentric girls take over the bodies of these otherwise (relatively) normal women.

It is NOT a pretty sight.

Jewels said...

Hell, you mean it gets worse?? Thanks for the warning, lol!

nikki said...

I take it your ears were ringing for hours afterwards?

I take it this is what I am doomed to deal with?

Patsy said...

That is the funniest thing I've read today! I have been exactly where you are --- trapped in a car with giggling, talking ever talking teenage girls. Love 'em cause you can't hate 'em. Enjoy them because too soon they will be gone. Thanks for the smile.

Janet said...

I feel your pain. Yesterday we went to Lexington for DeBoy's 3-year-old checkup and met some friends for lunch at Panera. The Queen did not stop talking the entire two hours we were there. Jennifer and I decided we need to visit sometime WITHOUT the kids. (and slut-ho? That must be doubly skanky. Do they still say skank?)

Cathy said...

That's hilarious. I've got two small boys, and sometimes they talk too much for me.

Kaytabug said...

tee hee

Janet said...

omg too much talking drives me NUTZ!

Burfica said...

And on the flip side, a suburban full of boys. They make crude noises to sound like gross bodily functions, and they hit alot. *sigh*

Vixen said...

Yet another reminder of how much I do not miss teenagers!!!!

Momisodes said...


I have 4 SIL's.

Most of them speak in this manner. Especially when together.

I can relate to the torture.

Karen said...

The alternative is texting. Which they also talk through. But I'd prefer to know what the conversation is about rather than hear scary snippets that make no sense.

Actually, I prefer to schlep around boys.

Pamela said...

I work with some twenty-plus teenagers. ha ha... I have to just walk away and roll my eyes.

It's been way toooo long since I've been around them. I have two grandkids that will soon be in that age group. I may have to call you for advise or ear plugs.

Burgh Baby said...

That's not entirely different from a toddler conversation. None of it makes sense. Ever.

Jaina said...

Haha, and the sad thing is that it is STILL known to happen even when they get older!

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