Saturday, October 4, 2008

Things that go bump in my head

Some things are just too stupid to even think about.

Which is, of course, why I think about -- and obsess about -- them endlessly.

* Like why "they" ordered me a footstool at work so my feet would no longer dangle.

This is what was ordered:

Seem reasonable? Yes, it does. All bumpy and cool and raised up and stuff.

Until you assemble it and put it under your desk.

And your feet still dangle.


* Like the rule about having nothing -- NOTHING, I say -- under your desk in the new office building.

A rule that will be enforced by the new-building nazi. So that if you DO leave something under your desk, it will be confiscated.

Even the box that I had under my desk to put my feet on because the footstool they ordered was too short.



Rachel said...

That boggles the mind.
Seriously, so will they confiscate the defective bumpy foot toy that they ordered because it goes under the desk?

I'm just asking :-)

Debbie said...

If you could just grow longer legs or thicker feet like a good employee, none of this would matter. I'm thinking this will be on your performance review.

Junebug said...

Yes, I agree with Debbie. You must comply immediately! :D My feet dangle at my desk at home but for right now I am enjoying it cause it makes me kick the wall in front of me and I enjoy the sound. I bet your "people" would not enjoy that much.

A Spot of T said...

You can't have anything under your desk or it will be confiscated? I've been out of the work force a hundred years now but that just doesn't seem right. I'd say a resounding no. Not going to happen. Think I might have trouble getting back into the work force :o)

Burfica said...

I would leave a note taped to the floor that read STOP LOOKING UNDER MY DESK!!!!!hahahahaha

SgtSudsWife said...

Burfica's comment made me LOL.I totally agree though this is kinda ridiculous.They bought you a foot stool that doesn't work and they tke away what does work.

Jaina said...

They confiscate things? What is this, preschool? That's a bit psychotic. You could probably totally get them for theft or something. Haha.

Janet said...

why the hell can't you have anything under your desk? OMG you should SEE under my desk! As for my feet, I have a box with a foot rest on top. Gah!

Janet said...

Hmm. Are you sure you aren't in Nashville at the Publishing House? They used to pull stupid crap like that. I'm pretty sure it's illegal.

Joanna said...

If you were really twisted you could leave something gross for them to take as pay back. Maybe a present from the rat dog.

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