Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The girl with the hoop earring

I have a pair of earrings that have defied all odds.

Little white-gold hoops with some little diamond chips in them. Simple. And perfect for me. A birthday present from my parents some years ago.

Once I lost one. It was NOWHERE, so I put its now-solo mate away, mourning the loss.

Two years later (I am NOT kidding), I was putting on makeup in my bathroom and dropped my brush on the floor.

When I bent down to pick it up, I saw my earring. Weird, I thought, because I had put that one earring away when the mate was lost.

I picked it up and put it back -- and found it was already there. Yes, after two years, I had found the missing earring on my bathroom floor.

Fast forward to our trip to Hawaii this summer and swimming with dolphins. One of the rules was that you had to take off all jewelry. Dolphins are notoriously curious, and anything glittery was subject to being poked at by the water creatures.

So I removed my rings, my watch, my necklace -- and my earrings -- before getting in the water to do this:

Then I put them all back on.


As Wonderhubby and I walked back through the park, I realized that I only was wearing one earring.

We scoured the area, looking in the shower drains (we had swum with dolphins, don't forget -- we were a little fishy) and finally retracing our steps back to the lagoonic scene of the crime.

Where eagle-eyed Wonderhubby found the errant earring.

I was weak with relief at its second coming.

And back to the hotel we went, where, by necessity, I put my treasured earrings in a little pouch thingy. (For reasons too complex to explain, I had to wear different earrings that night and the rest of the vacation.)

When it came time to put those earrings back on, the pouchy thing with the treasured earrings ...

Was gone.

We ripped apart the hotel room and our luggage. But alas. They were really and truly gone this time. Stolen by hotel personnel, we suspect, but we can't prove that.

I mourned. And wore no earrings at all.

At the risk of making a long story even longer, I went to a Hanukkah craft-fair-boutique thing (my vocabulary improves with every sentence, eh?) on my lunch hour about a month later and found an identical pair for a reasonable sum.

I circled the jeweler for about 20 minutes before picking up my cell and calling Wonderhubby at work.

"I found my birthday present from you," I told him, explaining my discovery. "Can I buy them?"

He roared with laughter over the phone, but agreed that having me buy the earrings was the best way to handle it. The jeweler, who thought the two of us were hilarious, wrapped my earrings in a box with a bow and put it in a blue gift bag, similar to Tiffany blue.

Which I handed to Wonderhubby that night and he put away, until my birthday a week later.

"Oh, my, what a surprise!" I giggled when he handed me my gift.

But I was happy happy happy to put in my new/old earrings.

Fast forward again about two weeks -- to last weekend, when I went shopping at the mall with the Roo-girl. (And never ever ever let me do that again on the weekend before Christmas, ok? Glad we got that settled.)

We actually had a lovely day, although crowds give me the squirrelies, and when we got back in the car, I (as is my habit) reached up to touch my ear lobes.

To make sure the earrings were still there.





Can you say FUH-REAK OUT????

Because there was no way in hell that I would have been able to retrace my steps during a three-hour shopping trip in the mallest-of-malls.

So we went home.

And I stressed. How was I going to tell Wonderhubby that I already had lost one of my new/old earrings? It had been barely two weeks!!

I stressed in silence for several days (meanwhile going earring-less for the duration).

Until Christmas morning.

"I found your earring, by the way," Wonderhubby announced, as we were puttering around.

My earring? He didn't even know it was lost. Did he?

"On the bathroom floor."

And so the story comes full circle.

(And let me just tell you how many times a day my fingers fondle my earlobes, just to be sure. Miracles only happen so many times, ya know!)


Crazed Mom said...

Who knew earrings had so much magic in them or maybe the Big Guy is just messing with ya....LOLOL.

Sherry said...

Incredible. You're quite lucky - even if it takes a while for that luck to come forth.

A Spot of T said...

Whoa! When I was young I remember having mittens with strings on them and the string part would go through the sleeves of your winter coat and your mittens would hang down and you would look like a big doofus. With dangly mittens. From strings. But your mother didn't care about having a child who looked like a doofus because she didn't have to replace a million pairs of mittens every season. So. You know. Maybe a string on those earrings? It may not be very fashionable but the stress it would save...oiy!!

eternallyhuckdoll said...

Awesome story and yes, they are beautiful earrings!


Bwahaha...that had my laughing out loud!

swampy said...

Have you considered having your errant earring(s) super-glued to your ears?

Secret Agent Mama said...

Oh man, what a rollercoaster!

I lost one of my most favorite earrings and it kills me to. this. day. :(

Karen said...

And all I can think is that maybe you should clean your bathroom floor a little more often. ;)

Tink said...

I think for your next birthday (or sooner at your rate), wonder hubby should pay to have a better clasp put on those suckers. ;)

songbird's crazy world said...

wow... I have at least five earrings in my jewelry box that no longer have a mate, and I've lost two necklaces in the past year because a clasp broke...you have incredible luck. can you send some my way?

Junebug said...

Glad you found your errant earrings!

nikki said...

those are some damn sneaky earrings.

Janet said...

that's so weird!!!

Jaina said...

That's crazy!

Karly said...

That's just weird. My earrings never fall out. What the heck is wrong with your ears?

And, yeah, now I will lose all my earrings. I know.

OHmommy said...

That is so weird.

I have almost the same story w/my gold loop earrings. They have been lost, I have cried, and they re-appear.


Nap Warden said...


LceeL said...

Just break that vicious circle - don't go swimming with dolphins ever again.

Burgh Baby said...

Can you come find my tanzanite earring that I lost last year around this time? PUH-LEEZE! I can't stand to tell Mr. Husband that it's lost. Thank goodness he's not observant enough to figure it out on his own . . .

Melissa said...

I have a pair of earrings like that, too. I have lost one several times, and yet it always comes back, no matter what. It's a silver pair with a small pearl on each. I got the pearls from one of those "choose and oyster" things and there were two inside.

Happy Campers said...

Girl, you'd better superglue those things to your head! :) Glad you found/lost/re-found/lost/found/lost/lost/found your earrings!

Rachael said...

Those earrings are troublemakers!

Trannyhead said...

Dude - have you ever considered the possibility that your bathroom floor is some sort of freakish vortex into an alternative universe?

Just sayin' ...

Karen said...

Can you look to see if my mother's wedding rings are on your bathroom floor?

I lost a very expensive gold necklace one time--it was gone for two years, then suddenly reappeared. It has never told me where it went for its vacation.

Kaytabug said...

WOW! This is one amazing story! LOVED IT!! Love the earrings too!

Pamela said...

that is hands down the most bizarre story I've heard in ages.

I almost expected you to run into David Blaine on the sidewalk and have him pull it out of a pear butt or something.

Pamela said...

Oh.. and I agree with spot of t. you need to get one of those sweater chains and attach those ear rings ha ha

Janet said...

That is an amazing story. And yeah, no shopping the weekend before Christmas.

abritdifferent said...

Wow, what a story. And...the saga continues! Good luck finding it!! Incidentally, is it always out of the same ear? Maybe your one ear is jinxed...

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