Monday, December 15, 2008

The thrill of victory, the agony of other things

I planned to write a very different post today.

I planned to write all about my daughter's first high school cheer competition.

About the anticipation.

The excitement.

The preparation.

The blood, sweat and tears.

And the elation of getting out on the floor and doing your thing.

Instead, I have a different tale to tell.

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songbird's crazy world said...

Janet, I can truuly relate. My older daughter was on the high school cheer team for 4 years as a flyer.they never "scratched", but they had numerous injuries plaguing them, especially last of the captains blew out her shoulder and missed half the season, and then there was the Disneyworld competition, where one of the flyers landed wrong and broke her ankle during the competition.

don't worry, Roo girl will have her moment. and she'll be dazzling.

LceeL said...

And it's just as hard to be a high school cheer girl where the other girls do what they want, no matter how it affects the rest of the team.

songbird's crazy world said...

and there are some older one was on the cheer team, the coach minimized drama and stressed sportsmanship. younger one did two years on the dance team. individually many of the girls on the team are lolvely human beings, but as a group....drama queens, from the coach to the captains to every memeber of the team.

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