Monday, January 5, 2009

Technology bytes

At 14, the Roo-girl is a product of the technology generation.

She can Google something into the ground. She can play computer games. She puts me to shame with what she can do with Facebook and a cell phone.


Because she has grown up with all kinds of fancy shortcuts, there are things she can't do.

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Crazy Mo said...

I rolled my eyes too. As I'm sure our parents did when we were baffled by modern technology. It reminds me of the "when I was a kid" stories my parents tell. God forbid they're both in the same room when they start, cuz then it becomes a competition of who was poorer!

LceeL said...

This is how I commented there:

It becomes apparent that, given the considerations listed, it's a fortunate thing she's not blonde. I'm just sayin'.

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