Monday, January 12, 2009

There's no crying in cheerleading. Oh, wait. Yes there is...

Do you have a teenage daughter?

Do you like roller coasters?

Because those things go together like a horse and carriage.

Can I just say ... the Roo-girl is confusing the heck out of me these days. Make no mistake, I love her to death and am enjoying her newly pleasant disposition.

But it is not ever thus, and much of our trauma drama these days is cheer-related.

(Continued at Mid-Century Modern Moms)

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LceeL said...

This is what I posted as a comment over there:

You know, I married a woman JUST LIKE THAT. In trouble to the point that she's throwing stuff at me? Wait five minutes. I won't mention what we could be doing five minutes later .. let's just say there'll be a mood change.

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